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The Smoking Forges of Schanderna[edit]


Moderately Fire, Mildly Alchemic

This is the homeland of the Fell Elves.

This is the home of Plasm (DnD Deity), the Fell goddess of crafting.

Infurnace the great wyrm red dragon lives here.


Name: Schanderna
Planar Size: Moderate
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Independent
Government Type: Theocracy
Other Organizations: None
Capital: Schanderna
Languages: Elven
Religion: Fell Pantheon
Patron Deity: Plasm
Resources: Mithril, Diamond, Iron, Gold, Fire Opals
Important Locations:
  • Cloister of Plasm
  • The Forges
  • Avenue of Dead Gods
  • Old Palace



Schanderna is seldom mentioned in the Age of Heroes. Where it is mentioned, those heroes travel to the fiery land of Schanderna to petition the Fell King for a magic weapon, usually a spear or a sword. The Fell King assigned a quest to the hero, and when that dangerous quest was done, awarded a great weapon to the hero.

During the Age of Empires, Schanderna produced an amazing array of magical items. They traded their abundant gold for wood, amber, silk, and rare foods.


Schanderna supplied all sides during the Crusade of Light. The war itself did not effect this realm.


The Thule Empire, and the empires after that, traded extensively with the Fell Elves. Thule made overtures to the Fell King, but never brought that kingdom into his empire.


The Fell Elves allied with Chaos during the Wars of Law and Chaos. They expected, as in all conflicts, to exist on the periphery, supplying arms in safety. The wide-ranging wars ravaged many kingdoms, including their own. The Fell Gods allied against the Charystan god Nomos. The Fell Gods ambushed Nomos at Glittering Vale. At the end of that battle, Nomos was dead, but so too were all the Fell gods and goddesses but Plasm.


With the loss of their gods, the Fell people are now totally consumed by the inspirations of Plasm, the passionate crafter. A productive people before, now they have forsaken all other pleasures and arts in the pursuit of crafting by fire.

Planar Information[edit]

Schanderna is a mountainous, volcanic plane. It is dominated by crags, sharp rocks, lava flows, ash, and poisoned rivers. Rarely does the sun penetrate the smog cover. Nothing lives among the rocks, but for a rare reptile, such as a spineback or basilisk. Those who move through these lands travel in well-armed groups using ancient roads. Other creatures include fire giants, salamanders, and efreet.

The weather is highly variable. The temperature can reach 120 degrees during the day and ten degrees at night. The vast temperature difference makes surviving in such an area difficult to impossible.


The only gate to Schanderna is in a lava pit. Only the most powerful beings dare use this portal.

Politics and People[edit]

The people of Schanderna exist only to serve their goddess. She herself now rules this kingdom. In practice, she assigns duties to her High Priest. Her fiery temper ensures that there are frequent changes to that position. This continual change of government has placed this kingdom on shaky ground. The people are dulled from the constant changes.


The government is continually being restructured. Those in power are doubtful of what authority that they actually have, and any authority that they do have is contested by other. In theory, the High Priest runs the government. In practice, nobody runs the government.


Cult of Plasm: Those who directly serve the goddess.

Cult of the Dead Gods: There are those who still worship the dead gods.


The Fell Elves are wary of outsiders. For generations, outsiders have come to trade with them with greed in their eyes. They dislike this greed. Many have stolen from them. They harbor great bitterness for strangers because of this.


All of the Fell gods are dead but Plasm. All worship Plasm.

  • High Priest
  • Gatekeeper
  • Exchecker

Major Landmarks[edit]

  • Cloister of Plasm
  • Avenue of Dead Gods
  • The Forges
  • The Old Palace

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • The characters need a rare item made. The Fell demand a quest.
  • Someone has stolen a rare item. Recover it.
  • Deliver a message to the Fell. Return an item.

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