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Planar Influences

Jumbalaya Island is the pirate "capital." This is an island where anything goes, but cross the wrong person, and you go as well.


Name: Jumbalaya Island
Planar Size: Large Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Savage Sea Pirates
Government Type: Anarchy
Other Organizations: None
Capital: Accra
Languages: Common
Religion: Charystan Pantheon
Patron Deity: Dauphin
Resources: Sugar, Fruits, Shells, Pearls
Important Locations:
  • Kingsport
  • Citadels of the Sea Lords
  • Farms
  • Volcano



Jumbalaya was discovered when a group of Rhakotian explorers wrecked upon it. They explored her ruins and survived her fierce creatures. They lived here for many generation along the sea, intermarrying with the daughters of Tsunami, the Elemental Lord of the Sea.

In time, they became a great people called the Sea Lords, employing great secrets of the sea. They were famous for their shell armor, whalebone and shell ships, and their abilities to navigate the unpredictable waters of the Savage Seas.

The Emperor Thule brought the Sea Lords into his empire by negotiation rather than force. He controlled all the ports. They controlled all the seas. He recognized them as princes of the sea, subject only to him, and forgave them all import and export duties. They recognized him as Emperor of the World.

When the empire split, the Sea Lords followed no empire. They remained independent. This move proved their undoing. The great lords argued, each following the empire that he thought best. The great imperial wealth corrupted many more sea lords. Each empire built its own navy.

Jumbalaya followed the Phoenix Emperor, for all Sea Lords were Rhakotian at heart. As the imperial wars raged, Charystos achieved the upper hand at sea.

The fortunes of the Sea Lords flagged when Atlantis fell, and great Lord Tsunami passed unto the Lake of Souls. Dauphine did not favor the Sea Lords. Venalicium rose in power.

Venalicium lost her fleets to the Psychotic Assembly. With her collapse, all the controlling powers of the seas were lost. Pirates arose, conquering and raiding the islands of the Savage Seas.


Things you need to know.

Planar Information[edit]

Jumbalya Island is the largest island in the Savage Seas. She is tropical, beautiful, and in some parts, dangerous. Her farms produce dates, coconuts, figs, sugar, and tropical fruit.

The beaches are wide of fine sand. Three mountains run along her length, one of them volcanic. Her natural harbor hosts the city of Accra, once the beautiful capital of the Sea Lords. The the arrival of the pirate lords, the city is now both beautiful and deadly. The city now boasts a shantytown of considerable size where even the pirate lords hold no sway.

Jumbalaya once had a gate, but the gate stone has been stolen. No one knows where it went. Working gate stones are so rare that one is worth a king's ransom.

The Temple of the Elemental Lord of Water is the largest temple on the island. Its clergy lives in fear.

Politics and People[edit]

Politics is dominated by the Pirate Lords and the Pirate King. The Pirate King is just a Pirate Lord who claims the title. Pirate Kings live short lives. The Pirate Lords themselves fight among each other constantly. Most of Jumbalaya feels little of this warfare as pirates are not interested in fields and farmers. Some resist the pirates, but none are strong enough to breach the great fortresses of the Sea Lords.

The politics of this island are ever changing as there are always new pirate captains arising and others dying.


Jumbalaya does not have a functioning government.


Ship Crews: Each ship is its own organization.

Priests of Water: These priests do their best to maintain proper worship of Dauphine. They have failed. They know that Dauphine is unhappy with this island. The suspect that her wrath will soon come.

Major Landmarks[edit]

The Citadels

The Citadels were built by the Sea Lords. These are a series of nigh-impregnable fortresses along the coast. These have become the lairs of many powerful Pirate Lords.


Accra is the major city on the island. The kings rule from here.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Kill Pirates
  • Infiltrate Pirates
  • Get enslaved by pirates and sold here.
  • Rescue slaves.
  • Explore the ruins in the depths of the jungles.

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