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Aq is the home of an ancient and complex civilization. The people of this land are like no other, in language, script, religion, and architecture. Their buildings are ornately carved and decorated, depictions of creatures and objects everywhere. Their script is flowing and highly decorative. Their religion is complex, full of subtleties and focuses little on gods or their place in the world. Their language is highly tonal, having a sing-song like quality to it.

Aq broke away from the Dragon Empire after the overthrow of the Dragon Emperor. They fought the Malachite empire, winning their independence. Their rules still accept the Dragon Emperor as the only true Emperor of the World.

The Goddess Heather dwells here.


Name: Aq
Planar Size: Large Plane
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Independent
Government Type: Meritocracy
Other Organizations:
  • Temple of Heather
Capital: Norouz
Languages: Common, Aq
Religion: Aq
Patron Deity: None
Resources: Wheat, Horses, Clay, Knowledge
Important Locations:
  • House of the Dome
  • Western Gate
  • Norouz (Capital)
  • Hanging Gardens of Heather



According to their history, a great flood destroyed their home. The goddess Heather predicted their end and order a fleet built to save those what would listen. The twin goddesses Heather and Hart saved what survivors that they could. They sailed many days until they found the land of Aq. They built a great city, Aqsia, far loftier and more beautiful than any other city across the world. The Elemental Lord of Air was so smitten by this city that he took this city as his home, lifting it high into the heavens. Many citizens fled, but many other were pulled into the heavens. Much humbled, those who fled built a new city on the lake that once held Astrea.

Aq scholars state that they brought the secret of Gates with them from their far place.

Heather established her temple her and dwells there still.

Many works from the Age of Heroes mention the land of Aq. The city of Charystos fought Aq many times. Thule so respected this city that he married the first princess of this land. As Aq property follows the maternal line, this gave Thule the entire Aq kingdom by inheritance.

The Aq kingdom retains a unique culture and language to this day.


The Sages of Aq predicted the War of Good and Evil far before this war took place. Their religion pointed them to the side of Good. They prepared many unique and wonderous objects for this war, then hid these objects away in remote locations, often near or with evil creatures. The evil creatures would kill whoever was unworthy, but would be unable to use these items themselves. They then created the Riddle of the Four Winds, and trained their brightest to bring these tales to other places where heroes might learn of them. (These tale-tellers eventually became the bards that we know today.)

These objects were instrumental in the victories won by the forces of Good. The bards say that many of these items were found, but some remain hidden until the time when they are needed and the right hero hears the right words.

During Thule's reign, Thule removed the great books from the city of Norouz and placed them in the rebuilt library of Rhakotis. This is a crime reviled to this day. Ever since that day, Aq wizards have refused to construct any new Gate.


During the three empires, the land of Aq fell under the domain of the Dragon Empire. Norouz became a city of education and scholarship where the greatest scholars went to study.


During the Wars of Law and Chaos, Aq did little. She provided troops and equipment as required by the Dragon Emperor, but she only did what she was asked. The great scholars there reasoned that this was an immoral war, and that the purity of their souls would be stained by the crimes of those wars. They remembered the crime against them, so repaid faithlessness with apathy.


When the Malachite Emperor usurped power from the Dragon Emperor, Aq rebelled against its governor and made war against the new Malachite Emperor, decrying him as false and faithless. Aq fielded very competent armies with prescient foresight. The war dragged on for a decade, and ended with a treaty that left Aq an ally of the Malachite Empire.

Planar Information[edit]

Aq lies in an expansive river valley. The river floods frequently, although these floods are not very predicable. Wheat and grains are the staple crops.


There are many ancient cities in Aq, each having its own gate. Only the wizards of Aq know the secret of gate construction, and they no longer builds such gates.

Politics and People[edit]


The government of Aq is a meritocracy. The mages of Aq assess any government candidate for moral raw ability. Those that pass their scrutiny become part of the government.

The government is broken into a number of distinct parts.

The Eldests choose candidates for the government as well as remove those who misbehave in office. They may nullify any law for any reason.

The Governors run the highest levels of the government. The Governors assemble yearly to elect one of their own to lead them as High Governor and they approve or deny any new laws. The High Governor runs the government while the Eldests and the Governors approve of him, and he appoints offices from among the Governors.

The unchosen are the vast bulk of people unfit for self-rule. Since the decline of the Dragon Empire, this governors have increasingly passed laws defining and limiting the classes in this society. The population has been chafing over these laws.

The castes of the unchosen (in descending order) are the Scholars, Landholders and Priests, Traders, Trades, Laborers, Renters, and Slaves.


Temple of Heather 
The Hanging Gardens are the Temple of Heather. The temple is very powerful in this city. Heather is a champion of peace. Her clergy work hard to bring peace to trouble lands.
The Elders oversee the government.
The governors run the government and meet annually to conduct national business.


Aq is a predominantly human land. No non-human has ever been named a governor. With the increasing diversity of races within this land, this has lead to an increasing tension within the population, and an increasing rigid caste society.



Aq is the home to the Cult of Heather. It is here that the goddess herself dwells in her hanging gardens, built upon a great ziggurat. The temple is very active in agriculture and in peace. Those who travel under the protection of Heather's sign are considered untouchable.


The religion of Aq centers around an ideal called "commotion." Each person is capable of generating commotion, and this commotion can be good or evil, but most commotion is a mixture of good and evil. A mindful man must seek to creation the most good commotion that he can while limiting the evil commotion.

When a person is wicked, they cause evil commotions. These commotions bring unwanted spirits and aethers into the homes and villages, and these spirits cause great evil. Thus, to cause evil in one's home is bad, as walls afford some protection from currents, but to cause evil in public endangers the entire community. This is why, once evil begins taking place in a community, the evil commotions influence more evil actions, leading to a spiral of evil commotion that is difficult to stop.

Good actions cause far weaker commotions than evil actions. It is not enough to do one good act then leave. In order to cause good to flow strongly, one must act good in a steady way. By this means, the good commotion created becomes far stronger than any evil commotion.

When a person dies, the soul floats free of the body and float in whatever direction that his commotion is strongest. Thus, to reach heaven, one must seek create a strong commotion of good about one's life so that the soul follows the correct currents to heaven. Likewise, one's family and neighbors must also seek to cause good commotion, as they must insure that the souls of their friends and neighbors do not go astray.


The Aq want their ancient lorebooks back from Rhakotis.

There are popular calls for rebellion and war with the Malachite Empire.

There are popular calls for restoring the Dragon Emperor.

There are popular calls for the overthrow of the meritocracy.


  • Agha, High Governor
  • Fath, Senior Elder
  • High Priestess of Heather

Major Landmarks[edit]

House of the Dome 
This building is a large, covered area used when the Governors meet. When not used for meetings, the Elders school others here.
This is the capital city of Aq.
Western Gate 
Standing since antiquity, the Western Gate is a massive edifice on the western border of Aq. Many believe it was the first gate built. Some claim that it yet holds secrets and is a portal to further and more strange lands.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Steal books from Rhakotis.
  • Recover ancient objects of good.
  • Recover a stole gate stone.
  • Steal a gate stone from Aq.
  • Steal rare works form Aq and transport them to Rhakotis.

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