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Moderately Holy

According to Charystan priests, Naravacha is the site where the Charystan gods pledged themselves to each other. The city that sits here is the holiest of all the Charystan cities.

Although the largest and grandest of all temples are in Charystos, the most holy cult artifacts lie in Naravacha. It is there that the oldest and most revered of all temples lie.


Name: Naravacha
Planar Size: Medium City
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Malachite Empire
Government Type: Theocracy
Other Organizations:
  • Dragon Empire
  • Protectors of Naravacha
Capital: Naravacha
Languages: Common
Religion: Charystan
Patron Deity: All
Resources: Holy Site
Important Locations:
  • Temple dedicated to each deity
  • Mount of Vows
  • Thule's Palace



The Age of Heroes began with the Oath of Faith. In those days, there were more gods, and these gods fought each other. Many alliances were formed and broken. The Charystan gods pooled their wills to create their own alliance. Over the years, they added more gods to this alliance, including the great Elemental Lords.

Naravacha was frequently mentioned during the Age of Heroes as the home of the gods. Chronical state that the gods themselves made the great temples there.


The Crusade of Light pitched the Charystan Pantheon against the Rhakotian pantheon. Even as men fought on the land, so did the gods fight in the heavens. At the end of this conflict, the Rhakotian pantheon was defeated, her gods surrendered, dead, or imprisoned, and the Charystan gods triumphant across the world.

Not once during this war was Naravacha threatened by the Rhakotians. The Protectors of Naravacha trace their origins back to this war.


During the Three Empires, Naravacha increased her standing as a holy city and a site of pilgrimage. Emperor Thule recognized that she was a unique city and set her apart from all other cities. Her priests rule her, she owed no taxes, and owed no allegiance to the Empire.

The Three Emperors followed their father's wishes. When the Emperors wished to meet, they traveled to Thule's Palace in Naravacha.


Naravacha was frequently assaulted during the Wars of Law and Chaos. The Phoenix Emperor believe that Dragon Empire was only preeminent because Naravacha lie within its territory. This lead to frequent clashes as the Phoenix Empire repeatedly attempted to seize this city for itself.


When the Malachite Emperor rebelled from the Dragon Emperor, he targeted Naravacha for capture even before the rebellion began, for he too believed that Naravacha provided the favor of the gods. Bribed priests turned the city over to his forces.

The Malachite Emperor has continued to place the rule of the city in the hands of the priests.

Planar Information[edit]

Naravacha lies on a wide plateau, far upland. Charystans believe that this plateau is the highest point in the Charystan cluster.

The plateau is rich in cattle, horse, wheat, and tin. The mesa itself is plains mixed with rough rock and crags.

The plateau is cool in the summers and cold in the winter.


Naravacha has the second-oldest gate in the world. This gate is unguarded but for one angel that stands watch over it.

Politics and People[edit]

Naravacha is ruled by the High-Priest of Thythia. (In former years, it was rule by the High-Priest of Nomos.) The remaining high-priests advise him in council.

Major Landmarks[edit]

Temples of the Gods

The Naravachans believe that the gods themselves built the beautiful and complex temples in the center of Naravacha.

Mount of Vows

Located outside of the city, this rise is identified as the very place where the gods gathered and swore their vow to create the Charystan pantheon.

Palace of Thule

According to royal tradition, this palace remains the property of Thule. His tomb lies in this palace. The people who live here still identify themselves as Thule's servants.

By tradition, when the three emperors needed to speak, they came here.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Return a religious artifact
  • Bring a blasphemer in for trial
  • Expose Rhakotian agents in the city
  • Destroy a resurgent Rhakotian cult

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