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Mildly Wild, Mildly Water, Savage Seas Cluster

Located in the Savage Seas, this sandy atoll is the home of a reclusive wizard who seeks to catch the legendary Phoenix Fish. This atoll is noteworthy for its strange ability to be completely out of the way, yet seemingly visited by every lost ship or shipwrecked crew that crosses the ocean.


Name: Sandy Atoll
Planar Size: Small Island
Influences: None
Ruling Organization: Independent
Government Type: None
Other Organizations: None
Capital: None
Languages: None
Religion: None
Patron Deity: None
Resources: None
Important Locations:



Askeleton arrived on this island a few decades ago. He retired from the world, and now seeks to catch the legendary Phoenix Fish. He only wants two things: to catch fish, and to be left alone.

Planar Information[edit]

The island is a beautiful, tropical paradise. The plant life provides a bounty of delicious fruits and vegetables. Local sea life is abundant and easy to catch. The atoll's lagoon is beautiful. The temperatures rarely climb or dip below comfortable. The island is an atoll, rising ten feet above high tide. The island is never touched by storms.


There are no gates or landing points on this island. Strangely, plane travelers who have mishaps arrive here with inexplicable frequency.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • The party is lost or washed ashore.
  • The party must find and ask advice of a legendary wizard.

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