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The Psychotic Assembly was a development group of powerful psi-Transgressors. They were eventually wiped out when their fellow Transgressors, who considered them too dangerous to let live, slaughtering them to the man and burned their research. Some of their works survived, including the psionic aboleth, the intellect devourer, and the dreaded thought slayer. Among their more accepted developments was the psychotic charger.

The Psychotic Assembly is held as both the height of Transgressor audacity, and the primary shattering of the Transgressor movement, leading to the Moral Transgression movement.


The Psychotic Assembly was born in the Phoenix Empire, in the place now known as Dusland. A group of psionics, flushing with the new philosophy of Transgressionism and rejecting the control of Rhakotis and the Mage's Cooperatve, set out a place for themselves in the wastes. They called themselves the Psychotic Assembly, and set to researching new and terrible things.

When the Wars of Law and Chaos started, this group showed their worth by fighting with the Phoenix Empire. They created ever more terrible things to aid in this war. These things often were uncontrollable, so terrible that the imperial troops refused to serve with them. The infighting in the armies grew so bad that the Phoenix Emperor raised his own army against the Psychotic Assembly. That campaign killed the Phoenix Emperor and shattered the Phoenix Empire, but the Psychotic Assembly was laid waste.


  • Develop psionics and psionic weapons
  • Break all possible boundaries.


  • The Psychotic Assembly fought both the Law and Chaos alliances during the Wars of Law and Chaos.


Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Rumor of a Psycotic Assembly cult about. Destroy them.

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