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Flag of the Phoenix Empire.
Queen Amber II bestows knighthood.


The Phoenix Empire was once part of the Thule Empire.


The Griffon Empire is one of three empires formed from the Thule Empire.

Thule's Empire did not survive his abdication. His sons quickly turned on each other, each desiring to win the entire empire for himself. A new era of civil war was born. Each son established a throne under his own flag. The Queen of Storms herself gave these symbols to each son. Doleman received the Dragon as his symbol, and he ruled from Charystos. Barrow received the Phoenix as his symbol. Cairne received the Griffon as his symbol, and he ruled from Fort Resolute.

The Phoenix empire saw many Emperors pass across its throne. Her dynasties were many. As a dynasty grew old, they fell in the flames of civil war, and a young, strong dynasty took over. The Phoenix empire endlessly recreated herself, each time returning vigorous and strong.

The Phoenix empire ruled a difficult and dangerous land. The very land often fought them. After centuries, their empire barely penetrated the forbidding and lethal interior.

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

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