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The New Heroes are a movement that find inspiration in the Age of Heroes. In that age, heroes fought for their people to kill destructive creatures and create a world safe for their people to live in. The New Hero movement seeks to do the same in the modern world. They seek out places where people are unable to cope with terrible creatures. They risk their lives so that others may live in peace and build their civilization.

The New Hero movement is responsible for generating vast numbers of "adventuring parties" who risk their lives making the world safer for their fellow beings.


The New Heroes are a recent movement, only begun since the last war. There is no leader, per-se. This is a grass roots movement, where the people themselves are carrying the ideal. As all great movement do, this movement began in Caer Wyrmshold thirty years ago. A group called the New Heroes faced off against the demonic priest and his cult who seized power in that city. These heroes went on to defeat the gargoyles of Flintland, strike down the lizardfolk of the Great Black Swamp, and defeat the last general of the Psychotic Assembly. They traveled to one of the far planes to stop a mysterious plot, but never returned.


  • Fight those things that destroy civilization.
  • Expand the reach of civilized land.
  • Make the world safe for the ordinary person.
  • Achieve great things.


There's enough conflict out there to keep any New Hero very busy.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

Any adventure hook is an adventure hook for a New Hero.

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