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The Empire of the Magi ruled much of the Rhakotian cluster from Glittering Vale in the Age of Heroes.

The "magi" were the great elven wizards of their day. They "ruled" an increasingly vast "empire" in the Age of Heroes. Rather than rule directly, the magi placed elven wizards into courts all around the world. These magi then exerted magical influence and pressure on their rulers. Through this, the High Magi assumed a significant degree of control. The Magi were very effective at mitigating the use of harmful magic and eliminating evil rulers.

This system collapsed in the Crusade of Light. Many magi were assassinated early on. Many died defending themselves or on the battlefield. The fighting reached murderous levels as the evil wizards of the world effectively targeted and stopped this system. The Magi, missing so many of their members, turned to the other races. They formed the Golden Circle to confront this alliance. They won the war, but their treasuries were bankrupt. Their mercenaries rebelled, and their empire collapsed.

After the War of Crusade of Light, the surviving magi overturned their old leadership, seeking isolation. Thule addressed them, and they eventually consented to join his empire. The Magi continued to rule their own plane, but their empire was no more. They continued on until the Battle of Glittering Vale, where their homeland was destroyed.

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Investigate a magi who disappeared hundreds of years ago.
  • Find a map to a magi's hidden library.
  • Return an ancient magi, long hidden, back to his homeland to die.

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