Ascetic Order of the Dragon (Endhaven Supplement)

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Flag of the Dragon Empire


The Ascetic Order of the Dragon trains martial combatants and religious spellcasters from all over the Endhavens. They boast a religious library that antedates the War of Good and Evil.

The group is currently lead by the Ancient Gold Wyrm Aurum, who is also secretly an advisor to Emperoror Doleman and one of the secret society called The Teachers.


The Ascetic Order of the Dragon was established by the imperial degree of the Dragon Emperor Doleman during the Wars of Law and Chaos. He gave his most treasured palace to the monk Aurum to set up a school for training those religiously inclined. Their goal was to stop the Wars of Law and Chaos through education.


  • Train the next generation of good.
  • Provide a neutral ground for negotiations.
  • Safeguard dangerous texts.
  • Provide funds to the Alliance of the Sun when troubles arise.


The Order's main conflict is their only conflict: bring peace where possible. This is a never ending mission.


  • Great Wyrm gold dragon Aurum

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Dragon Imperial Palace (Endhaven Supplement)

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • The party needs access to a rare text.
  • Bring a hostile party to the Dragon Imperial Palace for negotiations.
  • Convince a hostile party to come to negotiations.

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