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Flag of the Alliance of the Sun


The Alliance represent the unity of all good gods dedicated to the welfare of the good humanoid races. They do their best to keep temples in cities all across the planes, the various good sects on peaceful terms, and to the health of the ordinary man.

The Alliance acts as a humanitarian organization. They stayed neutral during the War of Law and Chaos, unwilling to abet the evils of either side. Instead, they worked to save lives, nurse the wounded, provide relief for prisoners of war, to get better conditions for the enslaved, and generally reduces the abuses of all sides. Even now, their golden sun banner stands as a mark of parlay, negotiation, and non-hostility.

Agents of the Twelve Teachers certainly reside within influential positions of this organization.


An institution of the past, the Alliance of the Sun once was the logistical wing of the Golden Circle during the War of Good and Evil. After that alliance collapsed during the Thule Empire, the Alliance of the Sun remained stable turned its efforts to humanitarian ends.

The Alliance of the Sun remained firmly neutral during the Wars of Law and Chaos. The institution was so well respected by all sides that no side ever raised a hostile hand to the Alliance.


  • Promote the welfare of all.
  • Heal the sick. Tend the wounded.
  • Restore temples of Good.
  • Safeguard temples of Good in times of crisis.
  • Safeguard the innocent in times of crisis.


With all the conflict in the world, the Alliance of the Sun is never without a calling. This calling often puts them at odds with less selfless organizations.


  • Most NPC clerics are members of the Alliance of the Sun.
  • Many NPC paladins are members of this alliance.
  • The "true" leaders of this organization are the Teachers.
  • Great Wyrm Silver Dragon Cirrus

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

The Alliance of the Sun has no formal headquarters. The alliance is a voluntary organization that organizes all the temples of good. When need arises, temples organize themselves into beneficent forces.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Wherever there is need, that is where the Alliance goes.

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