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The predominant military force of Astrea are the Astrean Knights. They are used and deployed to places where ordinary forces are not sufficient. They are frequently used in specialized raids.


The Astrean Knights were established during the Crusade of Light. This order dedicates itself to the preservation of Astrea. They are the elite forces of Astra, hand-picked from among the brightest of all Astreans.

Astrean Knights are a mixture of fighting men, magical practitioners, spies, and clergy. They handle the problems that ordinary soldiers are ill equipped for. The knights are only answerable to the Knights Captains and the Knights General, and he answers to Astreus himself.

Astrean Knights have bread their own specialize dragon to act as mounts: the Astrean Monarch. Astrean Monarchs are magically altered dragons who have black bodies, orange or yellow tuxedo markings, and monarch-like wings.


Astrean knights guard and protect the most sensitive parts of the Astrean domain. Some guard the flying ships as they travel, some guard the flying ship ports, some go on secret state missions, some are deployed in war, and some travel as free agents.


The Astrean Knights, at great cost to themselves, defeated an attempt by Dusland to seize Astrea.

Since that engagement, the Astrean Knights have placed more emphasis on getting knights into the field looking for enemies of the city. They have especially sought to do harm to Dusland interests wherever possible.


  • Knights General

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

  • Astrea
  • Astrean Sky Ports

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Be a Knight helping to bring order back to the world.
  • Rescue a stolen skyship.
  • Steal a skyship.
  • Sneak onto Astrea.
  • There is a coup being planned by the Knights.

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