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The Wars of Law and Chaos saw great battles and great magics. Many of these ripped apart the lands where the battles happened. The Restorationists seek to repair the damage that this war caused. They firmly believe that this world is the saved and barely stable collection of an infinite number of destroyed worlds. If the lands are not made whole and stable, this world will collapse like its fore bearers. Restorationists take special care to destroy the terrible creatures bred for the Wars who continue to plague the land.

Restorationists often take levels in the renewer prestige class.


The restorationists trace their organization back to the War of Good and Evil. No one knows the origin of the society. It effectively started as a grass roots movement among those clerics and druids who cared to dedicate their lives to this restoration. They worked many years to restore despoiled lands. When the Wars of Law and Chaos arose, more lands were destroyed by horrid magics.


  • Repair lands where possible.
  • Prevent the despoiling of more lands.
  • Protect the Border League lands from interests of greed.


The restorationists conflict with anyone who would despoil the land. They bear particular dislike for the dwarven mines that spit out toxic waste.


Headquarters and Locations[edit]

The Chapter House of the restorationists is in Fort Resolute.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Shut down a dwarven mine.
  • Find the origins of a contaminant and stop the contamination.
  • Eliminate horrid creatures that thrive on contamination.

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