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The guardians of the Palace of Eternity (Charystos) and the Dragon Emperor.

The order guards all personal properties of the Dragon Emperor, from the Palace of Eternity to his least palace.


The Dragon Guard are an old order. The original members were the personal guards of the young prince who became the Dragon Emperor. From that beginning arose the elite force that guarded the the life of the Emperor, and guarded all his possessions.


  • Guard and defend the Emperor.
  • Guard and defend the Emperor's properties.
  • Guard and defend the Emperor's subjects.
  • Fight the Shadow Empire wherever possible.


  • The Dragon Guard are opposed to the Malachite Empire.
  • The Dragon Guard are opposed to the Shadow Empire.
  • The Dragon Guard oppose those who oppose the Dragon Emperor.


  • General Eliana

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

The order is headquartered in the Palace of Eternity.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • The Dragon Guard want to help the Emperor, but need other to do things that they are not permitted to do.
  • A Dragon Guard has been kidnapped. Kill the perpetrators. You do not need to rescue the guard.
  • Do a quest for the Dragon Guard to earn an audience with the Dragon Emperor.

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