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This organization protects the Darkwood Forest. The Order is primarily rogues, rangers, clerics, druids, along with the forest's considerable fey population.

The forests originally fell under the territory of the Phoenix empire, who kept this resource protected. Now that this empire is has dissolved, the various states of the Blood Alliance seek that wealth for themselves. The Darwood Defenders are hard pressed to keep their conservancy independent. The forest is powerful, but vulnerable due to its sheer size. The Farplane Trading Company has offered troops to defend the wood, but only if they can secure a monopoly contract in the darkwood trade.

  • Darkwood Defenders: Those who come into the order to defend the wood are the Darkwood Defenders. These peoples defend the wood against incursion, and prepare its defenses. They bring in fey and other magical creatures to the forest. They prepare magic to use against incursions and poachers. They escort visitors through the wood.
  • Darkwood Avengers: The order's militant branch is called the Darkwood Avengers. This branch investigates intrusions into the forest and retaliates against those intrusions. They hunt down and kill poachers, along with those people that the poachers sell to. They want purchasers afraid to buy poached darkwood. Lawful lands view this group as terrorists.
  • Darkwood Sages:' This group manage the conservancy itself, as well as communicate with traders and foreign powers. The sages are lead by Parthenon, a great wyrm Brass Dragon


After the War of Good and Evil, the Order of the Darkwood Forest established a conservancy over a large stretch of darkwood forest. They manage harvesting, support growth, and kill poachers. For generations, the order has stocked the forest with dangerous creatures. The order both defend the wood, and retaliate against those who would cut down their trees. Once the Phoenix Empire collapsed, the Order endured, defending this forest by itself. Balls


  • Preserve the Darkwood Forest.
  • Punish those who would poach the wood.
  • Punish those who trade illegally in the wood.


The wood of the Darkwood Tree is quite valuable. The forest itself is worth an Empire. The Order is at odds with Far Plane Trading Company who wish to commercialize this area. The Blood Allliance seek the forest for their own wealth.


  • Parthenon (Great Wyrm Brass Dragon)

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • Help the Order find poachers.
  • Trees are sick. Journey to find a cure.
  • Capture and bring dangerous beasts to the forest.
  • Buy a darkwood item and find yourself the target of the Darkwood Avengers.
  • Make considerable money harvesting darkwood trees by the Far Plane Trading Company.

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