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The Jade Guard are the ancient defenders of Charystos. They guard the city against supernatural threats, and manage that threat which is the Jade Necropolis. As the years have progressed, they have also taken to journeying into the greater world to help those in need of help. They are most famous for their Jade Armor, mined from Mount Kreta, which they enchant to protect themselves against the dead.

The Jade Guard are not a police force. They are too few for such a great city. In all the world, there are between two hundred and three hundred members.

The Great Dwarven Union honors their commission for new suits of armor. The dwarven embargo does not extend to the Jade Guard.


The history of this order is lost to scholars. On many occasions, the order has been destroyed to a man. The order claims a history leading back to the Crusade of Light. They were the elite force that turned many tides in those battles. They were made the Imperial Jade Guard by Thule himself. They retained this sponsorshp through the Dragon Empire. Today, they are an independent body allowed to operate inside Charystos.


  • Guard Charystos against extraordinary threats.
  • Safeguard and patrol the Jade Necropolis.
  • Destroy any undead that wander the night.


The Jade Guard fight their continuous war against the things that occupy the Jade Necropolis. They know that they are too weak to face down the mighty things that live inside, yet they still fight.


  • Coenwulf, Great Captain of the Jade Guard

Headquarters and Locations[edit]

The chapter house of the Jade Guard is located near the Jade Necropolis. It was moved here after an earthquake leveled their previous chapter house.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

  • A Jade Guard member is missing while investigating a mysterious occurrence.
  • Return a message from a dying Jade Guard soldier.
  • Return the possessions of a Jade Guard soldier to the chapter house.
  • Get deputized by the Jade Guard during an extraordinary emergency.

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