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Greater Deity
Symbol: The head of a winter wolf with glowing red eyes over a snowflake.
Home Plane: Auroral
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Wolves, Winter, Frost, Dawn, Aurora, Death, Wilderness, Madness
Clergy Alignments: LN, N, CN, NE, CE
Domains: Animal, Magic, Madness, Weather, Death
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapon (Claw and Bite)
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Wulfkuldi is a quiet god. He watches how the cold drives people insane and eventually to death. Though quiet, he manifests great power. He has complete control of Auroras and ultimately decides when souls lost in the cold will go from insanity to death. Wulfkuldi has no humanoid shape and is only ever seen as a colossal incorporeal white dire wolf with glowing red eyes that peer deep into your soul. The only time most creatures see him is when they are about to die in the cold.


Wulfkuldi looks down upon sacrifice. He likes to let things die slowly without any intervention unless they pose a threat to him or a worshiper. He dose not just let anybody follow him. Only people born during an aurora in the winter can ever dream of worshiping him. Being a wolf, he prefers to allow creatures that have wolf like traits to worship him. He has a strong dislike for frost giants and will thank those who destroy them, maybe by giving them a little more time before the cold drives them to insanity. Wulfkuldi makes no deals, no bets, and any follower that gambles will be cursed to never win.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Wulfkuldi has no temples and no specific clergy. Those who worship him must pray to the auroras in the night sky. If it is a full moon Wulfkuldi may howl back at the worshipper after a prayer. This is seen as the ultimate honor and you know he is watching over you.

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