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Greater Deity
Symbol: Two intertwined comets
Home Plane: Material plane/void
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Love, Fertility, Healing, Nature and Beauty
Clergy Alignments: netrual good, chaotic good, lawful good
Domains: love, healing, animal, charm
Favored Weapon: sleeping dart (sleep arrow magical weapon)

Cecilia userly follows the paths of heroes whose destiny is to save lives. In the beginning when only the gods existed, Herioneous fell in love with her and begged for her hand in marriage, however she denied saying his life was not interesting enough, for this she was banished to the material plane, as well as the void. Due to this she only has one form, that is of a red headed serving girl aged around 19 with green eyes and pale skin, she is extraordinarily kind at heart and therefore all food she has she gives to the needy, therefore she is painfully thin. Her clothes are userly worn to tatters. The only way that you would ever find out that she is there is if she revealed herself, and she would only do that to her lover. Many have tried, all have failed. She would never raise a hand against anyone, she only helps in the little ways she can. However is anyone was to unlock her rage they out regret is for the rest of their short life, as when enraged she is one of the most deadly forces on earth. She has only ever reached that point once before, that was when in Hextor tried to find her to get to his half-brother, however the way he did this was by releasing a deadly plague unto humanity, in the one battle she was ever in, she killed over 20,000 of Hextor’s followers and broke his flail, sending him back from the material plane. It is foretold that the sight of her in a wedding dress is the second most beautiful sight on the earth, the only sight more so is without the wedding dress.


There are no such followers, however basic guidelines are that you have to love to be loved and that caring are one the most beautiful values in the world.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

She has no followers however temples devoted to her crop up in the isolated parts of the earth, marriages a the most common use for these temples, as it is seen as a blessing upon the wedlock.


She does not adheres to a pantheon.

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