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Greater Deity
Symbol: A burning hammer made of ice.
Home Plane: The Realms of Conflict
Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
Portfolio: Destruction, Conflagration, Earthquakes, Disaster, Rebellion, Storms, Winter.
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil.
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Ice, Storms.
Favored Weapon: An epic Longsword named Deathbringer.
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Thule is the God of Destruction. His home plane, also home to Mengar and Davian, is host to constant, unending war. But Thule's palace is different. Built with ice upon a volcanic mountain, storms thunder with enough force to shatter mountains in the mortal world, as rivers of molten rock pour from the mountain's summit, and countless shards of ice rain down constantly, then boiling and ascending upwards as clouds only to fall down again, the mountain is the one of the most dangerous places in the multiverse. Thule's Avatar is a man with eyes of fire and long white hair wearing black armor and wielding a longsword, appearing at scenes of chaos and destruction to laugh maniacally for a second or two before vanishing, to remind people of his constant presence.

Thule is known as the Destructor, and in the lands of the Dragonborn by the name of Kozahn the Destructor, as well as the Lord of Storms in the Dusk Isles and Mazyk in the Great Dark.


Death is glorious. Destruction is glorious. Create only to aid in destruction. Sacrifice others to Thule. Hail Thule!

Thule's followers believe in creating only to destroy, such as magic weapons, and take delight in destroying and ending things, be they lives, towns or natural features such as woods. Thule enjoys human sacrifices, and many of Thule's rituals involve people being burned alive. Thule has one of the smallest numbers of worshippers for a Greater God.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Thule's followers build their temples mostly where prying eyes cannot find them - in wastelands, near volcanic mountains, on islands on the brink of falling into the sea, but Thule's protection prevents their destruction. Thule's clergy are enthusiastic about survival of the fittest - the strongest, most cunning, and most powerful clerics become Thule's chosen ones, not merely the ones that show the most piety, and the leader's position quickly becomes a curse, with little real power, constant threats on his life and endless amounts of attempts to get rid of him. The longest any high priest of Thule has lasted is two weeks.

Thus, the strongest get to the top, and the weak are always forced downwards or killed. Thus, high priests of Thule are cunning, ruthless, borderline psychopathic killers. Thule's clerics evangelize by threatening the annihilation of villages if they do not worship Thule, and as his worship is illegal, many villagers are forced to hide their worship, which amuses the clerics greatly. If they refuse, the entire village is wiped out and all the survivors taken into slavery. Such slaves often have a short life.

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