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Greater Deity
Symbol: Four-pointed star, silver or gold
Home Plane: Realm of Gods
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Light, Virtue, Peace
Clergy Alignments: Neutral/Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Protection, Healing
Favored Weapon: Staff
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Saradomin is one of the three primary deities of Gielinor, representing the light and all things good. He is diametrically opposed to Zamorak. While it is generally believed that Gielinor was created by "elder gods" and refined by Guthix, Saradomin ardently claims he was the realm's sole creator, and that the world instead should be called RuneScape.

Little is known about the pre-god existence of Saradomin. His mortal form is portrayed as a bald, white bearded man carrying a staff and wearing monk robes. Saradomin first came to Gielinor during the Second Age to the island of Entrana, although from where is unknown. With the help of General Zamorak (then a Mahjarrat), he was able to defeat the ancient god Zaros. However, Zamorak would ascend to godhood as a result, and his betrayal of Saradomin would mark the beginning of the God Wars. It is uncertain whether Saradomin was actually a god prior to this.


While Saradomin is technically neutral good, many followers also equate him to law and order. However, this is somewhat incorrect, as the god of law is Armadyl. Nonetheless, Saradominists are expected to behave in a civilized, proper manner. Saradomin generally views warfare as evil, yet he seems to have no problem with slaying "evil" things. Thus it is believed that fighting is only encouraged when necessary.

Specific beliefs vary between groups. Commoners will generally have petty rules to their lives designed to promote virtues. More fervent followers, such as monks or knights, will live strictly under religious doctrine. To this end, Zamorakians cannot reasonably coexist with Saradominists.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The vast majority of the "children" of Saradomin are humans. Thus most human settlements contain a church. Monks of Saradomin will live in a monastery, outside of civilization. The key element to any place of worship is an altar, where the devout may pray and regain their holy powers.

Followers of Saradomin include monks, paladins, knights (namely White Knights, Temple Knights, and Knights of Kandarin), "light" wizards, and several offshoot groups like the Myreque and Humans Against Monsters. Non-human followers include unicorns, owls, centaurs, and the rare icyene.

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