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Grond Koour[edit]

Greater Deity
Symbol: a human head with the brain visible
Home Plane: Mechanus
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Grond Koour oversees those who preach acceptance and those who are neutral or good in alignment
Clergy Alignments: Must be of a neutral or good allignment
Domains: Peace, Nature, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: longbow
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More information...

Grond Koour is a deity who beleives that all do evil in their lifetime and should not be hated for their deeds unless they are the most things horrible one can do (such as working for Tharizdun's dark goal)


Grond Koour preaches acceptance and respect for other races, he believes gluttony to be acceptable, as long as the glutton doesn't steal from the hungry. Grond Koour frowns on those who are unwilling to be diplomatic before becoming violent.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Grond Koour's temples are filled with priceless jewels and precious metals. But the purpose of these rare items is not decoration, but to teach the ability to resist greed and temptation. His clerics and monks do not carry weapons, but are trained in the most deadly of martial arts, which are only to be used as a last resort.

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