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Greater Deity
Symbol: Head with a cloth wrap around its eyes, sometimes a skull with similar wrap.
Home Plane: Prime Material.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Portfolio: Vampires dying, The Decree fighting, fighting blind or in total darkness.
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Good or Neutral Good.
Domains: Death, Chaos, Travel, War.
Favored Weapon: Longsword.
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More information...

Evaldir, Evaldir was a former member of The Decree, from a lay member all the way to leading a Highway Gang Evaldir's life was killing vampires. The Second age had just begun, Saros had control over the three continents and had finally completed the Underdark Highway, Decree Highway Gangs already roamed most of the Highway but Evaldir wasnt content fighting the pockets of vampiric resistance he pushed his Gang to some of the freshest tunnelworks. His Gang's skill in slaying was unmatched, and even in the freshest pockets Evaldir would lead the charge, he encountered his first First Age vampire and most of his Gang died but Evaldir and two others survived only to find the pocket went deeper. Evaldir stood at the tunnel opening and ordered his men to flee, he fought against another First Age vampire and while he slayed the beast much of his life force was drained then another vampire appeared from the tunnel and slayed Evaldir. Days later he rose from the grave, disgusted with his new form he cut out his own eyes. While he couldnt force himself to take his own unlife he also couldn't bare to ever see himself again.

Evaldir hunted the tunnels for his killers and he found many vampires and all of them fell to him each granting him more strength. Evaldir hunted the Highway avoiding The Decree and continued to do so until near the end of the Second Age, by this time the vampire community at large were fearful of this blind death, they knew he was one of them but he only feeds on vampires and can appear anywhere, he became a sort of boogyman. When finally Evaldir was caught it was a coalition of some of the strongest vampires from the Three Pureblood Houses, they toted Evaldirs death and began adding it to prayers to the other gods. Evaldir's soul belonged to Burnsider by default but Pelor struck a deal with Burnsider, Pelor traded a large sum of soul larva he had been collecting from raids on the lower planes for Evaldir, Pelor summoned a blinding sun and burned Evaldir to his bones, from the ash that layed around the bones a wind picked up and reformed Evaldir as a holy image of his former self. However when Evaldir saw himself we again was disgusted, the years of slaying vampires living in near constant combat for his life had left him twisted, he again cut out his eyes, the explosion from his eyes causes a fracture in Pelor's divine realm and from the tear Evaldir formed a divine spark which split and entered his eyes for a moment, burning his face.

*Note* This is the history that those who worship this pantheon teach, it may or may not be factual.


To slay the wretched undead is to cleanse a festering wound in the world and to eradicate unlife is to cleanse the festering wound in ourselves. Evaldir does not believe in torturing the undead but does not suffer them either, he teaches to kill first as most undead are beyond redemption.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of Evaldir are all trained undead hunters, they venerate their gods blindness but rarely take it upon themselves, though they are trained to fight blind as they often find themselves on the Highway. While vampires are the hated and most common foe to the followers of Evaldir they often fight and are trained in combat with all forms of undead.

Prayers & Rites[edit]

Prayers to Evaldir include the morning prayer: "Though the sun now shines I do not see it, I am ever vigilant" the evening prayer: "The sun descends and the cold sets it, may it make me sharp and ready for death" and the slaying prayer: "May your soul rest, go into the arms of our lord, you will not see the light" often only part of the slaying prayer is said.

The Clerics of Evaldir have three tiers of service, each has its own rite of passage. The first tier is the Lay Member followed by the Clerics and the Powers. Lay members must simply remember the prayers of Evaldir and enter into one of the military courses offered at most temples. Clerics must pass their military course and must find and slay a vampire, this is often done in groups and all who participate are passed. Clerics form the bulk of Evaldir's followers each of them are divided up into task groups of three and many of these task groups are attached to Decree Highway Gangs as religious support. To become a Power there has to be an open position as temples of Evaldir only ever have three Powers. In addition the Cleric must have served over a year of Highway service and confirmed kills of at least fifteen intelligent undead. It should be noted that many Powers have not served the year or killed the undead as the need for replacement Powers is unfortunately common as Evaldir temples are often attacked.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Clerics of Burnsider are all vampires, non vampires are turned and if by chance a non vampire does begin to worship Burnsider truthfully he will usually dispatch vampires to turn the worshiper. The clergy always wear black robes made of light cloths, they may or may not have armor on underneath, the robes are reversible with the stitching inlaid, one side has a large Burnsider holy symbol, the other is tattered in appearance. These cleric robes of Burnsider offer a +2 bonus to disguise.

The Temples of Burnsider are usually towers, with 4 floors and a basement level. Occasionally the towers will be able to teleport, the controls and designs of all the towers are the exact same but with different walls and doors, so incorporeal creatures can easily move from room to room in any tower without having to learn new layouts. The first floor is an entry way, carpets and tapestries, the second floor is usually walled off completely with no doors and consists of coffins stacked on top of each other, the third floor is the dining area where slaves are brought to a communal table which has grooves for the blood to travel along, each vampire, up to eight, sit around the place a piece of meat in the groove, and begin to feed.


Evaldir appears in two forms, one as a wisp of a man standing about six feet tall with long limps and no body fat, he wears only a loin cloth and a cloth wrap around his eyes and nose, he carries a longsword stained a deep red and ever dripping blood. Evaldir also appears as a large figure build like an Olympian with a golden glow, he still has a cloth face mask that only covers his eyes, his face doesnt have the golden glow and is covered in burns originating from under the cloth. His longsword leaves behind a faint trail of lightning when he swings it and cracks loud thunder when it stops and it shines as if made of platinum.

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