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Greater Deity
Symbol: a hand holding a human heart
Home Plane: negitive energy plane (called the true abyss by followers)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: the creation of a lich, destruction of sorcerers, mutilation of any good cleric or paladin, torture, pestilence, death, insanity
Clergy Alignments: any evil
Domains: Chaos, Death, Dementation, Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Magic
Favored Weapon: Livastor: intelligent necromantic staff of sorcerer slaying

Nixxis was once a common Half-Drow Half-Human, his mother, Livixavs (a drow), was raped by Dumnr (an ex-paladin escaping through the underdark from execution) he was never welcomed by his drow brothers, and spent his whole early life studying magic, he eventually went down the path of necromancy and decided to prove himself to the world by being the most ruthless being on it. His half-sister Fathina (daughter of the ex-paladin whose goal in life was to reestablish her family's honor) was on a quest to kill him. She couldn't, and eventually became a blackguard and indebted her self to him, as his servant. He later became a Lich, and grew to resent the innate abilities of sorcerers and to despise them, regarding them as leeches needing extermination. He then ascended unto Divinity, slaughtering his way up through the ranks of the other gods.


The slaughter of sorcerers, paladins, and good clerics. Power over others. Ruthless domination, excessive torture, and a hunger for forbidden knowledge.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples to Nixxis are Towers that look very unnatural, because they are created by the mages that worship him. they mold the earth in to jutting spires of black stone that taper to points at the top. his Clergy reek of soil and decay, they wear black hooded robes and medallions made from the tops of skulls engraved with his holy seal, the highest among them where amulets made from the horns of unicorns.

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