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Greater Deity
Home Plane: Shadow Palace
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Darkness, Magic
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Evil
Domains: Darkness, Magic, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Charm
Favored Weapon: Dagger
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Schirach, the Goddess of Darkness and Magic. She is one of the 3 Dark Gods of Mardias and was born from the Hair of Saiva: The Goddess of Destruction upon her defeat. She along with her brothers, Death and Saruin, waged war years later. She was pacified when Elore created the Red and Silver Moons and gave her the Fatestone: the Diamond of Light, which reverted her to a weakened state due to the conflicting forces of her dark magic and the Fatestone's magic. After spending years wandering the world she relinquished the Fatestone she held which awoke her from that state. She was defeated by a group of heroes who she asked to help bring her powers under control knowing that her out of control power would wipe out the entirety of Mardias. She then fell into a deep sleep on her home plane upon her defeat.


She has a human avatar in addition to her Goddess form. Her Avatar is a woman dressed in dark clothing similar to that of an assassin with dark purple hair, a Gilded and Ebon colored hairclip, and crimson colored iris'. Her Goddess form is portrayed in different ways, but the most defining of the traits is the exceptionally long hair, which depending on the depiction covers her whole body as if she is wrapped in it and 2 thin horns atop her head. Sometimes she is depicted wearing a simple dark colored shirt with a striped dress.


Schirach can be met on the mortal plane, however the conditions for her manifestation are variable. The only known time she did manifest was during the incident which she awoke from her weakened state.


Those that follow Schirach must understand what lies in the shadows of what most normally take at face value, at the same time, they must also refine their magical prowess through training as to understand and not be consumed by the darkness itself.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The temples are often hidden away from society, most times under large cities or towns, many practicing their rites in secrecy. Little is known as what the introductory rites nor the normal day to day practices are.

Vestige: Black Sneer[edit]

Vestige Level: 4 Binding DC: 25 Special Requirement: Yes

Requirement: Certain enemies must not be in the enemy group: Demons, Undead, or any Evil aligned creature/deity

Manifestation: A Black mist covers the area, around the enemy arise 3 pools and tendrils pour out of them, surrounding your foe while drawing out a colored aura before fading.

Effect: Roll 1d6, number determines how much all enemy stats effected by the vestige are divided by.


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