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Greater Deity
Symbol: Lightning
Home Plane: Prime (Chalimba)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Sky, Chaos, Freedom, Luck, Weather
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic
Domains: Air, Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Liberation, Luck, Madness, Magic, Trickery, Weather
Favored Weapon: longbow
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A vaguely humanoid storm cloud the size of a small mountain is Aphtion's most common form, but he has been seen as a great eagle and as a young man. When the sky god moves the weather changes dramatically. Unseasonable winds are his heralds and tornados form at random in his presence. He holds court in a palace of clouds that floats above the world at his whim. Ready to do his bidding is a host of demons, eladrin, and air elementals. The souls of those who embraced Aphtion or his ideals whirl through his cloud palace, sometimes being reborn as more powerful servants and sometimes becoming entertainment for them.

All Clerics of Aphtion rebuke undead and channel negative energy. In addition, any cleric of Aphtion who takes the Air domain gains the ability to rebuke air creatures and turn earth creatures. Druids who worship Aphtion do not gain the ability to turn or rebuke.


Upholding personal freedom is the meat of Aphtion's dogma. In addition to personal freedoms Aphtion promotes veneration of the sky and weather, luck, and chaos in general.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clergy of Aphtion are a diverse lot with little organization at all. Occasionally a handful of the clergy will band together for a common purpose dear to their god's heart such as bringing low a ruler, opposing a temple of Peliosus, or disrupting the plans of a powerful guild. Generally Aphtion's clerics are as likely to oppose one another as cooperate.

Temples to the god of the sky are rare but not unheard of. A great temple exists at the center of the barbarian city of Tarmus and another grander temple on the Isle of Evergreen is tended by the elves of that island. More commonly small shrines to Aphtion can be found in ports, along roads, in gambling halls and atop any hill with a lightning blasted tree.


Calling the loose philosophies of Aphtion's clergy sects would denote far more cohesion then exists within their ranks. The following beliefs however have wide enough support to be considered.

Free Minds: In the service of Aphtion one must serve ones self. A Free Mind believes that he should act in a totally self serving manner without regard for the rest of society. This does not mean they promote anarchy, for they have no concern for the freedom of others. Their code neither stops them from helping those they have a fondness for, nor harming those whom they consider enemies, but random acts of good or evil are unlikely. A free Mind can often be found at the head of some organization devoted to profit or a power grab. They can also be found amidst revelers at a party or orgy. Free Minds have been known to go to great lengths to avenge themselves against someone who has restricted their liberty but they more commonly find an area free of oppressive entities and enjoy themselves as long as possible, moving on when authority figures get to involved in their affairs. Their symbol is lightning over a black cloud. Free Minds are usually Chaotic Neutral.

Selfists: Each being should take all they can and cause as much mayhem in the process as possible. Not only does Aphtion teach these disciples to take what they want. He teaches them to do it at sword point, then to plunge the sword into soft flesh. If they demonstrate enough disregard for life then more will fear them, and none oppose them in the future. Governments, laws and organizations should be ripped down if they attempt to restrict the Selfist. A Selfist has no tolerance for rules unless they benefit her and no patience for organizations unless she is at the top. The Selfists symbol is gold lightning lined in silver. Selfists are usually Chaotic Evil.

Fair Hearts: Aphtion teaches that oppression must be countered. Slavery and the rule of a tyrant are lightning rods for this sect and the most common reason to find priests of Aphtion working together. On the rare occasions that a Fair Heart joins an organization it will be a loose affiliation or informal grouping with a central cause but little structure where everyone approaches their goal independently. The core belief of the Fair Hearts is that freedom is an essential right of all individuals. Their symbol is forked lightning. Fair Hearts are usually Chaotic Good.

Storm Clouds: The storm god must be constantly appeased for his wrath is great. The power of his mighty storms, tornados, and hurricanes are unrivaled by anything else found in nature. Priests of Aphtion who worship him as the god of weather usually focus on these destructive aspects of their god. Storm Cloud temples can be found in every port of the world as well as the fringes of society where nature is still revered. The symbol of the storm clouds is a black cloud streaked with lightning. Storm Clouds are usually Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil.

Wanderers: Without purpose or direction the Wanderers carouse through life enjoying everything as it comes. Everything must be experienced. The rare priest who follows this path sermons by example, dragging followers from fair to tavern or gambling hall to brothel, preaching whenever the mood strikes them. They sleep where exhaustion overtakes them and continue on when they wake, usually around mid-day. Followers usually leave the congregation when funds run low or their wives catch up to them. The wanderers change holy symbols so often it would pointless to list them here. Wanderers are usually Chaotic Neutral.

Verge Druids: These priests of Aphtion find the whisper of their god in the ever changing and random aspects of nature. Twilight, the equinoxes, the leading edge of a storm, lightning strikes and the leap of a predator are all worth reverence as are millions of moments each day. Verge Druids search for the random in nature and seek to promote more while breaking up the natural order whenever possible. While Verge Druids are involved in a form of nature worship and associate with the order of Druids, they are in fact Clerics of Aphtion rather than true Druids. These priests bear a lightning shaped holy symbol carved from a lightning blasted tree. Verge Druids may be any Chaotic alignment.


Chalimbic pantheon

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