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Greater Deity
Symbol: A flame superimposed over a book.
Home Plane: The Nine Hells of Baator
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Religion, Worship, Devotion, Fear
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil
Domains: Evil, Darkness, Death, Fire, Law
Favored Weapon: A longsword named Bloodreaper.
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Eliphas dwells in Baator as the Greater God of Religion and Worship, in the terrible Black Cathedral. There dwell his Petitioners and servants, the dreaded Harbingers. He seeks only to deliver the entire world into his tyranny of evil, and is vain and egotistical, smiting his followers for the tiniest offence, then forgiving them later, and it is thought by some that he is truly mad. His Avatar is clad in the black robes of his priests, a tall, handsome man, reading from the Book of Eliphas, his most holy book, as he smites his enemies.

The Black Cathedral, his domain, is a realm of mindless worship and obedience, thousands upon thousands worshipping the dark god within its impossibly vast halls. Every prayer, every sign of worship made to him in this place increases Eliphas' power and influence in the mortal world. Sacrifices are made in great quantity, the great reek rising to the ceiling, and under the Cathedral lies the Basilica of Torment, where the souls of those that fail Eliphas are tortured for eternity. Thousands upon thousands suffer within, and the screams blend in with the chants of devotion from above, making it impossible to tell which is which. Eliphas himself sits on a throne of gold and diamond, watching as the sacrifices are made and the black hymns are sung, and laughing with mad insanity as the eternal screams of those that fail him are heard by his insane cultists.


Praise Eliphas! May he deliver us into his tyranny of worship inside the Black Cathedral! May we die gloriously for him! Praise Eliphas!

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Eliphas is the only evil god whose worship is allowed in Westhome, and even then only barely tolerated. His worshippers are hated and feared, and often defend themselves against the mob and take vengeance with human sacrifices. No sane man will see his priests for counsel, and his clerics recieve their black spells in the dead of night. The followers of Eliphas perform darker rituals in the catacombs beneath their temples, human sacrifices and diabolical summonings as well as calling their god's Harbingers to destroy their enemies.

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