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Greater Deity
Symbol: A four-pointed star with a ring around it with a burning flame underneath or a jeweled sun, rising over a hilly land
Home Plane: Ascencia
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Justice, Valor, war, laws
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral
Domains: Community, Justice, Glory, Good, Law, Fire, War, Valor
Favored Weapon: ”Swift Justice” (bastard sword)
Alon's holy symbol.

Alon is a mighty god commonly worshipped among humans and Twinborn. He is a god of justice and fairness to his followers and destruction to his foes. He appears as a stern-faced human in his later years with shoulder length, chestnut hair and a thick trimmed beard that is partly gray. He is often depicted in half-plate, with his favorite sword “Swift Justice” a flame covered golden sword that burns with the flames of justice, and a simple gold ring atop his head.


Alon, who the humans believe created the first human laws and fought many beings for justice in the name of the humans. Alon teaches three things. First is patience – good things will come later, or after death. Life is full of hardships, and they must be endured to enjoy the greater riches. Second is valor. No true hero can abide by evil and suffering. Third is laws allow all to flourish - with out laws, beings will not know what is right and wrong, thus justice can not be fulfilled.

Alon despises the wicked and the infernal and his wrath is fearsome to them although he will never attack or judge un-justly no matter the being.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Alon’s clergy are a prideful, just people. They are kind to those who follow alons teachings, and for those who do not a quick smighting might be close by. Most live simple, modest lives, only taking as much from donations as they need to maintain the churches and their needs but most consider alons temples an importance in order to up hold law and justice, thus kings and city leaders "donate" as much as is needed. Most churches only allow the common races to join, how ever some non-common races have earned there way into alons halls. Joining the clergy requires years of dedicated study to his teachings in specialized schools locates with in large alon estates.

Order of the burning light[edit]

A large proportion of alon followers have evolved into the order of the burning light, they seek to make alons law true to all, and those who wish to not have it shall be shown alons burning justice.

The order of the burning light burn sinners at the stake in order to purify their souls, they belive alons light and will is tranphered through the fire and into the sinners soul.


Alon allows for repentance for small crimes along side lots of just work under his name. Larger sins are only accepted from his followers with in the curch three times, repentance and cleansing for three days is required.

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