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The Shadow Rider, The Black Fox, He Who Lurks, The Midnight King, He Who Brings the Night, Hero of the Black Forest, Xerxes Nocturnus

Greater Deity
Symbol: The shadow of a dragon covering the Moon
Home Plane: Midnight
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Dragons, Evil Dragons, Trickery, Thievery, Assassination, Shadow, Shadow Dragons, The Night, Dark Forests, Death, Evil Animals, Poison, Rogues, Nature
Clergy Alignments: N, LN, CN, CE, NE, LE
Domains: Darkness, Death, Shadow, Nature, Dragon
Favored Weapon: Scythe (Claw)

After slaughtering his mother and her many male companions, Xerxes Nocturnus, a lowly five year-old half-elf, lived a free life, revering nature as a druid would, until he grew the desire for blood and wealth, both of which can be received through trickery and murder. Xerxes Eventually came to be a great rogue and saved the world, though all he cared for was the money, fame, and blood on his hands. During those events, Xerxes got a blood transfusion to acquire celestial blood so that those who checked his alignment would be fooled and he would appear as neutral good. After these events, Xerxes decided to once again turn to nature and become a druid. Eventually he acquired godhood and a draconic form through a series of fortunate events. After he became a deity, he chose his new name to be Iilahkun-Vokul Wahliik which roughly translates to creator of shadows. His preferred wild shape form for dealing with mortals is that of a black fox with a purple tuft of hair on the top of its head.

Iilahkun in his normal half elf state seems entirely normal, except for the slicked back purple hair. He has bright green eyes and a slim muscular figure, which compliment his black leather armor very well. He also has a variety of scars on his chest from when he was mortal which he chooses to keep as a reminder of where he came from. All of his weapons are cloaked in a shadow-like essence and attack as though there were no armor to oppose the strike. His draconic form is that of a slim dragon cloaked entirely in shadow and can move at speeds approaching mach 2. When meeting with other deities while in draconic form, he disperses the shadows to reveal what seems to be a slim mixture of a black, purple, and shadow dragon with gold accents. Iilahkun also has poison in the tip of his tail to fend off his enemies. His preferred and most powerful form is a hybrid of his half-elf and draconic form. This form features his normal half-elf form but with two jet-black dragon wings, claws on his hands and feet, his poison tipped tail, and two black dragon horns beginning to protrude from his forehead. His rider form is that of large dark purple cloak with ominous white eyes and a permanent smile riding on a jet black horse with a neon yellow mane. The weapon he typically uses in this form is a threaded greatsword that he can wield one-handed.

He can create his own vassals with the shadows he manipulates and controls. His main guards are huge constructs made entirely of shadows and take the shape of fierce black knights. He can also create shadow clones of himself that disappear if they are attacked yet they have all the attack power of Iilahkun.


Iilahkun-Vokul Wahliik desires only wealth, death, and followers, he does not desire any more power than that of which he has already acquired. He only wishes to be kept out of affairs pertaining to other deities to avoid an untimely demise at the hand of a more powerful being.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Followers of Iilahkun-Vokul Wahliik are typically beings that wish to surround themselves and be comfortable in the shadows or evil or neutral druids seeking power. Most druid covens that worship Iilahkun meet in areas called black forests to worship and revere nature for its beauty. He is also the patron deity of many theives' guilds throughout many continents and realms.

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