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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A gray skull with blue jewels in the eye socket
Home Plane: Midgarde
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, recklessness, irresponsibility, wealth.
Clergy Alignments: Any except chaotic evil and lawful good
Domains: Creation, Magic
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Astar is the lord of magic. He controls the flow of magic from his temple in the Nu'an jungle where he lives in the form of his symbol turned into a statue.


Astar commands nothing of his followers other than they do not destroy needlessly. He likes it when they gain power but dislikes it when they abuse the power. The most dedicated of his followers live in his temple with him but there are only 35 of them. One of the things he likes his followers to do is create buildings that serve a function. He particularly appreciates mines, shipyards and forges. Astar will only actively order the death of someone if they attack his temple, assault a high priest or raze an entire city. However, the current high priest Kafli is beyond death as he reassembles himself whenever destroyed within 1d6 days. Many suspect he is a new sort of Lich.


The avatar of Astar lives in his temple. He takes on the form of a man with a bleached skull for a head, clad in fine white clothes. He carries the Staff of Astar. Despite his somewhat unnerving appearance, the avatar is quite friendly and calm except when threatened. One odd thing about the avatar is that he is not Astar, but more like a person who contains part of Astar's mind. The avatar is nigh indestructible and has a friendly rivalry with the avatar of Entil, The Knight. They duel on the temple's roof occasionally.

Staves of Astar[edit]

These a black iron short staves, with a coloured jewel on the tip. These are rewards to his most powerful and/or loyal followers. They grant increased power at the cost of control. These staves exert a terrible influence on the wielder, trying to turn them Chaotic Evil without any reason. This action reflects the nature of chaotic evil itself. Only Clerics of Astar, Sorcerers and Wizards may wield one of these staves. However, they all must worship Astar to recieve a staff. There is also a Master Staff, wielded by the High Priest Jini'thoth.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Aside from a few scattered priests and shrines, Astar's followers are gathered in the Grand Temple where he lives himself. The temple is very poorly built, despite his love of craftsmanship and is frequently attacked by the armies of Southern Nu'an and their gryphon riders. His temple "merged" with the Ithron Company for some reason not known.

Physical Form and Powers[edit]

When needed to battle, Astar can assume a physical form. This form is a large iron skeleton to which the statue he inhabites attatches to. It has four arms. He carries the Scythe of Astar, a great mithral sickle with small silver spikes attached. In his other hand is a long rusted iron spike. In the back arms are two curved swords. He will only use his powers in dire need. Due to being the lord of magic, he can cast any spell he wants an unlimited number of times. His strenth is nearly boundless and cannot be reduced except by another deity. In battle, every high priest will acompany him with an army of servants.

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