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Greater Deity
Symbol: A cast-iron trident head
Home Plane: Pansaer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting)
Portfolio: Water, Growth, Weather, Lying, Quarry
Clergy Alignments: CG, CN, CE
Domains: Air, Trickery, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident
"Do unto others
whatever you please"

Along with Auri, Ahti is among the most well-known of the titan pantheon of Pansaer, for he governs over a domain incredibly important to the inhabitants of the world: the weather. Rainfall comes from Ahti, and thus he is the provider of grain, making him the most important god from a practical standpoint. The giving of food is entirely happenstance from Ahti's viewpoint, however: he cares little for whether people eat or not. Creating storms is merely an enjoyable pastime for him. He dwells in the far reaches of the endless sea that surrounds Pansaer, in a castle built of mother-of-pearl and of unthawing ice.

As the god of seas and weather, Ahti governs over every source of water, be it the sea, a lake, a river or a single drop of rain. Unfortunately he is a mischievous god. He enjoys turning plans on their head, sending rainfall where sun is needed and bringing drought where water is scarce. He sinks ships with thunderstorms and laughs when the sailors pray to him before they drown. Thus, he is a hated, despised god, but nonetheless prayed to, for no matter how grim his pastimes and joys, the rain he brings is priceless.

Ahti is venerated as the father of rain and of growth, as the bringer of tides and the giver of quarry on both land and at sea. He is feared as the cause of both floods and drought, of thunderstorms, and as a lord of lies and trickery.


Followers of Ahti preach that personal satisfaction always comes before the needs of others, and that the truth is a blunt, cruel thing: why tell the harsh truth when a kind lie will suffice? The clerics of Ahti encourage people to take care of themselves first, by lying and stealing if necessary. In their opinion, those who put others before them will invariably be trod on their whole lives - better for one to live a good life on the backs of others than for many to enjoy the fruits of one's labor.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clerics of Ahti, collectively known as brine-priests, are as fickle and unguessable as their god, and often on the move. They wear scale mail (often with nautical motifs) and clothes with deep blue and green hues, and wield ornate tridents as both walking sticks and as weapons. They travel far and wide, usually staying close to sources of water, and preach the Foam-Bearded Elder's teachings. Their lifestyles, which are often filled with carnal pleasures, are funded by stealing and collecting unfair alms from people.

The wandering ways of Ahti's brine-priests means that there are few temples and churches devoted to the god, but simple shrines, constructed of gray branches that have washed ashore, are very common on the shores of the sea. These shrines are decorated with large seashells, onto which people place coins and other valuables as an offering to the god. More often than not, a brine-priest lives nearby to collect these alms, "for Ahti has no need of earthly treasures", as they so often remind people.


Ahti is part of the titan pantheon of Pansaer, along with Auri, the Overgod, Luni, the Maiden, Mieli, the Hunter, Morran, the Scholar and Groke Who Is Cold. Ahti has no close relationship with any of the other titans, thanks to his mischievous and self-centered nature, although he has a desire for both Luni and Mieli.

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