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Greater Deity
Symbol: A closed book with an eye on the cover
Home Plane: Pansaer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting)
Portfolio: Magic, Lore, Fire, Secrets, Teaching
Clergy Alignments: LG, LN, LE
Domains: Fire, Knowledge, Magic
Favored Weapon: Heavy mace
Followers of Morran are schemers by nature.

Endlessly wise and the keeper of all lore, Morran is nonetheless the least known of the titan pantheon. This is because the things he stands for - teaching, scholarship, magic, lore - are things the average Pansaerian has no interest in or time for. He is remembered mostly as the one who brought fire to the mortal races, casting an ember out from Auri's forge to teach its secrets to early folk - and simultaneously killing them by the thousands.

Teachers, wizards and scholars are the ones who worship and pray to Morran. Magic doesn't come from him, but he is the one who sets the Word and the Law that govern the world, and which the wizards twist to fashion their arcane arts. He devices them by staring into the depths of Auri's forge, discerning wisdom from the random blaze of the flames. Perhaps this is the reason things seem to be in chaos in the world: the rule of everything is decided by an erratic flame.

Morran is venerated as the lord of magic, knowledge and lore, bringer of sudden insight but on the other hand careful consideration. He is feared as the advocate of wanton destruction, power over others and tyranny, and as the keeper of dark and hurtful secrets.


Morran expects little of his followers, but his secretive, scheming nature means that perhaps this is a ruse, and his indifference is a way for him to make his followers do what he wants. Nonetheless, his followers seek to keep their knowledge to themselves, share wisdom only for more wisdom in return, and meditate regularly. Unearthing new knowledge is a valued trait, and the destruction of existing lore is sacrilege - thus, followers of Morran never dispose of books, scrolls or anything with writing on it.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clerics and priests of Morran are common, but rarely thought of as such, since they always have a secondary profession: many work as wizards, alchemists, teachers, librarians, architects and in other high-training professions, and since they're known by this other profession, their clerical ways don't come to light. Clerics of Morran dress in billowy red robes, often with dozens of hidden pockets sewn into the cloth.

Each and every school, university and library is a temple of sorts to Morran, and they all have at least a small altar to the god of knowledge: usually a small table with a scarlet cloth and the local Loretome. The Loretome is a unique artifact and ritual of Morran worship: any person may write a fact or piece of information only he or very few known on a page. Then the page is glued shut, thus preserving that fact forever without anyone having access to it - just the way Morran likes it.


Morran is part of the titan pantheon of Pansaer, along with Auri, the Overgod, Luni, the Maiden, Ahti, the Mariner, Mieli, the Hunter and Groke Who Is Cold. Morran lives in Auri's sunforge and has a close relationship with him, since they're both interested in artifice.

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