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Greater Deity
Symbol: A white tree, around which are 3 stars, each represents a form that she has.
Home Plane: She orginaly came from the Material Plane.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Portfolio: Love, life, music, wine, reproduction, fertility, Nature, elegance and the balance of forces.
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good.
Domains: Animal, Good, Healing, Plant or Protection.
Favored Weapon: A two-bladed sword
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More information...

Lantiama or Latia for short. She has 3 forms, an angel, a star and a elf. Her true form is that of the female elf, this elf is perfect in every way, she captivates the eye of any that look at her. her hair is blond to fair, and her eyes are emerald green. She is most commonly seen wearing a transparant dress made of spider silk. She is a peace loving goddess, however when her race or the innocent are in danger she will unite them and fight, with the most ferocity. In a war she dresses in a suit of elven chain. She has lived for over 20,000 years, in which time she has made a multitude of enemies, but she only has one true hate, this is the Gorunn. She became a goddess when she was killed by one of the Gorunn, but then in heaven she fell n to the pool of light. Before falling in to the pool she fell in love with another elf, his name was Estragon. eversince he has been at her side, helping in all her deeds out of pure love. They have 2 children; Iella and Karno. Both of which are now demigods.


She encourages care and loving on to all that deserve it. She discourages taking advantage of anyone, and will make you a personal enemy if you harm or oppress the innocent or elves. She rewards charitable work well.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Her Temples are always grown in to trees. They are often attract marriages as she is the goddess of fertility and love. Her clerics are a sisterhood of warrior priestesses, they wear rodes of silk, much like her own, except that they all have har symbol embroidered on the chest. They always offer shelter to the needy.


She is an elf, so her Pantheon is Elven

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