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Greater Deity
Symbol: A red skull filled with fire with its mouth open, superimposed over a flame.
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Fire
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Fire, Chaos, Destruction, Hatred, Evil.
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Fire, Chaos, Destruction, Evil.
Favored Weapon: A Battleaxe called Flameinferno.
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Ashar is the god of fire, destruction, evil, and chaos. He is most commonly revered by fire elementals and evil pyromancers. He is most often revered as the Incinerator, seeking his ideal of the world as a raging inferno, with only the most evil left alive. His Avatar is a burning skeleton. His home plane is the Elemental Plane of Fire. He has no divine allies, as he is too focused on destruction to bother with alliances. His divine enemies are Natar(Lawful Neutral Intermediate God of Law, Justice, Order, and Rulership), Bynohr(Neutral Overdeity of Creation, Life, Knowledge, and Magic), and Zomarae (Neutral Good Intermediate Goddess of Good, Nature, Plants, and Life).


Ashar believes in embracing one's wickedness; he believes that the cruel and vicious should be aware that they are cruel and vicious, and should acknowledge this fact. As such, he has a disdain for evil people who are convinced that they are doing good and people who work towards a good end, but use evil means. Ashar also believes in survival of the fittest. He wants for those he deems "weak" to be burned to death and sacrificed to him.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples to Ashar are large and imposing, and are always painted blood red, with flame decals painted on the walls and Ashar's symbol painted on the ceiling. They are always located in volcanoes. His worshippers can usually be designated by their red, hooded robes, with Ashar's symbol drawn on the chest area of the robes. As Ashar is the god of fire, his worshippers use fire magic. Due to being a Chaotic Evil group, the church of Ashar is completely hectic and disorganized. The high priest is always the worshipper who is the strongest fire wizard and the most wicked of the group. If a worshipper can surpass the high priest in both of these qualities, he is immediately elected as the new high priest. The previous high priest is then burned to death and sacrificed to Ashar.

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