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Greater Deity
Symbol: A shock of grain.
Home Plane: Nature's Strength
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Life, Agriculture, Farmers, Summer.
Clergy Alignments: Neutral Good
Domains: Summer, Sun, Good, Healing, Plant.
Favored Weapon: A sickle.
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Ashar is the goddess of life, planting, farming and summer. She is most commonly revered by farmers and gardeners, those who need the summer to survive. She is most often revered as the Great Mother, seeking to protect Her children against the ravages of Utiolth and his servants. Her Avatar is a beautiful woman with golden hair, clad in a green dress and holding the sickle she uses to smite evil. Her home plane is Nature's Strength, a realm she shares with Sylvus, Avia the Birdqueen, and Bahamut, the Lord of the North Wind. Her divine allies are Avia the Birdqueen (Chaotic Good Intermediate Goddess of Birds, Rangers, Trickery and Forests) and Sylvus (Chaotic Neutral Intermediate God of Trickery, Rangers, Forest and Forest Creatures). Her divine enemies are Utiolth (Neutral Evil Greater God of Death, Undeath, Shadow, Murder, Darkness and Caverns), Akassan (Lawful Evil Greater God of Industry, War, Pollution, Hatred, Slaughter and Tyranny) and Ashana (Chaotic Evil Intermediate Goddess of Disease, Poison and Suffering).


Ashar believes in fecundity and fertility and her first command to her followers was 'be fruitful and multiply'. She also believes that nature needs care given to it and thus dislikes progress of technology and wanton destruction of nature, something that puts her at odds with Akassan and Ashana.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples to Ashar are small and low key, often being little more than a shrine on the roadside tended by a kindly old man. Still, at the Harvest Festival and Midsummer's, people will trek miles to sacrifice a shock of grain and pay homage to Ashar, begging desperately in hope of benediction. For the most, these prayers are answered, for Ashar is a kind and loving godess and would jump at the chance to help those who worship her. As a result, the church of Ashar does not have any official organisation, mostly consisting an informal network of priests and clerics headed by a first among equals rather than a many-titled high priest.

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