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Greater Deity
Symbol: Golden Cockroach
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Earth
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Creation, Guardians, Time, Homes
Clergy Alignments: Any good
Domains: Earth, Protection, Travel, War
Favored Weapon: Greataxe
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The founder of the Diopsid pantheon, the savior of the souls of all Diopsid. Dipsodia was a queen of a small hive near the center of a large granite deposit, it had taken her mother her whole life to carve out this home which Dipsodia was to guard to let her brood grow, unfortunately the Drow attacked the Diopsid people, Dipsodia's hive was no exception. The Drow invasion on Dipsodia's brood was harsh enough to threaten her families extinction, she was forced to ally herself with a nearby brood, which was unheard of, the alliance helped stem off the Drow's attack and retreat tactics. The word of the alliance spread as well, and many warriors were sent to Dipsodia to aid her, and indeed the whole of Diopsid was under her rule for a time. The Drow defeated, Dipsodia attempted to solidify the Diopsid people leaving her brood's original home as the capitol, for seven years it flourished, but Dipsodia died shorty after the seventh anniversary, and with it her nation of Diopsid died.


Bravery Is never forgotten. The heroes of the land shall be venerated, reborn in the Great Dung Mounds. The weak can be strong, eight arms are better than four.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Diopsid are a young race when it comes to religion and as such the clergy, of their most venerated god Dipsodia, are looked upon as freeloaders. They don't aid in tunnel constructions, minorly in food gathering, their saving grace is that they aid in defense of the tunnels. Dipsodia's temples are usually in granite clusters and deposits, they are simple caves with pictographs of the Drow invasion or souls being saved from the astral plane.


Dipsodia is a nine foot Diopsid, with a Deep gray-teal shell, she has a necklace of golden scarabs and a battle axe made of obsidian with granite tips, it has been said she can turn the wicked to stone with her axe, which the golden scarabs use as a colony. Her weapon is sister weapons with Kalaks, only the two know the properties of them, and never speak of it.

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