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Seaganatin Shynn, Lord of Liberation[edit]

Greater Deity
Symbol: A blue dragon claw wreathed in silver lightning.
Home Plane: Prime Material
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Retribution, the falsely accused, judgment, those courting their future lovers.
Clergy Alignments: NG, CG, N, CN.
Domains: Retribution, Good, War, Protection, Dragons.
Favored Weapon: Inky (longbow), Blinky and Pinky (scimitars), and Clyde (yo-yo)
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More information...

The following information is the intellectual property of player James Reilly.

Seaganatin Shynn (pronounced SHAY-ga-na-tin SHIN) appears as a three-eyed lizardfolk of parti-colored scales mingling dusky grey with blue and gold, bearing protuberant blue-dragon crest and wings; always clad in his shimmering silver and black robe. He is often depicted in his holy texts as being surrounded by an overlarge halo of stormclouds and lightning. He does not so much influence the weather as command and direct evocation energies, and of course dole out his own special brand of judgment.

Judgmints, in fact. A small crystalline 'candy' (the shape of an eight-sided die) born of a union of certain anomolous materials of chaos and divine power, in certain cases where the offenses were unprecedented, this god has been known to force defendants to consume one of these... originally there were 22, and now only 13 remain. The effects have been known to vary widely from audience accounts, but thusfar all nine have survived to live out the rest of their days in a manner that made the alternative of death a welcoming prospect.

The exact details concerning Seaganatin's apotheosis are vague to an extent. All eyes were upon him as he continually wrenched divine sparks from other deities and demigods in the Tournament of Power. But prior to that, he accumulated bits of influence here and scraps of power there, crawling his way through forgotten depths and defeating foes no one had heard of. His was a rather quiet ascent into godhood, considering how loud some of the explosions he caused were.

This deity, going against the grain, has actually claimed a city on the Prime Material plane as his divine realm, making his a land of the living and of the dead. Its name is Okarthel, the Draconic word for "Home". It is here that he is able to further his understanding and study of a power that had lain within his family line since the days of the Sarrukh empire's zenith. This "Shynn Magic" is highly unpredictable, but those petitioning for his aid may receive it more immediately, thus effectively tripling their chances of receiving "aid" if they allow it to be granted through his family magic.


Be thou innocent in my sight, and shuffle off the trappings of regret, lest thou face my judgmints.

Be thou as honest as the situation demands, and let not the shackles of consequence grant boon to those who seek thy destruction.

Those that wield lightning are advised to be generous lovers, for your extremities channel this lethal force.

Fear for thy thrones, thou gods and goddesses many, lest thou lose them to my clutches ere I set them back into the wild untamed ether.

Thus is my word.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Worshippers include exiled or intelligent lizardfolk, kobolds, sorcerors, wizards, revolutionaries, and those who have been touched by chaos. Temples to Seaganatin are not many, for most would rather make the journey to his city to sate their faith, and live their lives afterward on their own terms. When a temple is erected, however, it is typically built down rather than up. This will cause strange appearances in most cities, as a fenced lot with a pair of double-doors lying set into the ground has been known to cause more confusion than instill faith. Another strange feature is that, instead of pews, the seating for the congregation is actually a series of card tables, elaborate though they have been known to be. This is said to have something to do with a measure of the god's power having been won in a poker game.

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