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Greater Deity
Symbol: A hood or evil smile surrounded by darkness
Home Plane: The Void, The Overworld, or The Overvoid.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Darkness, night, shadowdancers and the mind.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful evil, Chaotic neutral, Neutral evil, True neutral, Chaotic good.
Domains: Darkness, Knowledge, Madness and Trickery
Favored Weapon: Poison or knives
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Dant is the god of darkness and madness. He appears as a floating hooded figure with no legs wearing his Cloak. Those who look into his eyes go permanently insane and fall into a great pain. He watches over creatures in the darkness, and guides those whose minds are broken. He is kind and respectful to his followers and deceitful to others, often leading them to their doom if he wishes. He dabbles only in matters that involve himself and often neglects certain duties. He controls the powers of the shadow dancers and rewards those who worship him with higher abilities to manipulate shadows. He is however, extremely lazy and cares very little for things outside entertaining himself, soaking up knowledge or entertaining his friends/followers that have joined him at his palace in The Overvoid. He preforms his duties as poorly as he believes he can get away with and rewards people quickly without much thought.


Dant prefers that his subjects would not kill unless it was in his name. A creature who cannot see in the dark is unfit to follow him and as such will be shunned or ignored by him and his followers. Dant values followers who pursue knowledge and vengeance, forgiveness is seen as a sign of weakness or helplessness and ignorance is seen as laziness. Not that laziness is a big deal to Dant, however.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Dant's followers have small amphitheaters where they sacrifice people to him and receive rewards for their service. Small underground communities worship him, as do many assassins, as it often gives them luck. In the void, Dant has a gigantic palace that has it's own gravity. Many of his highest followers may choose to live there when they die.


Dant has no pantheon. However, his palace in the void serves a similar duty, as do the hundred in the "Overvoid"

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