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Greater Deity
Symbol: Jellyfish with crown and mantle
Home Plane: Elemental plane of water
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: Sea, death, darkness, hatred, jellyfish
Clergy Alignments: must be CE
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident
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More information...

Zuul Traab the dark lord of jellyfish. Zuul Traab will one day flood the physical realm and reset civilization. The title of 'Lord' is more of a formality fore Zuul Traab has no real gender, though when he speaks his voice booms in low audible tones.


Followers of Zuul Traab are zealots and assassins. Zuul Traab abhors non-water based lifeforms and civilization. He strongly encourages his followers to do the same, even through self hate. Chanting in the name of Zuul Traab one only whispers over and over again "ZUB ZUB ZUB..."

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Followers need not be only water based lifeforms. In fact land based lifeforms are needed to learn the secrets that above ground magics have to offer. Clerics and zealots of Zuul Traab gather in secrecy and plot the resurrection of Zuul Traab. A large and grand temple has been erected at the bottom of the ocean near a large trench known as "Templum Aquae". Once a year followers must make a pilgrimage and contribute their collective findings in hope of resurrection Zuul Traab.


Jellyfish are respected by Zuul Traab's followers as a sacred creature. None are ever kept in containment and a brood of jellyfish is seen as a blessing towards their followers.

Jellyfish may be used as familiars and provide 'Master gains +3 on swim checks.'

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