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Crivis is an original campaign setting mixing elements from Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Darksun, Ravenloft, and other campaign settings into one. It also uses nearly everything in nearly every D&D book they have on the D&D website currently, from Oriental Adventures to Magic of Incarnum to Drow of the Underdark to Libris Mortis.

Magic Disasters[edit]

Crivis has been home to many magical catastrophes. From the time magic was created when the world was shattered into ley lines by Boccob to when the salamanders banished Zirrbag the efreet to Crivis. Many strange creatures have been spawned by these catastrophes.

The World[edit]

Crivis is divided into four continents; Krimira,Mezra,Lagrisi,and Hinnias. Islands dot the Blue Divide(the main ocean of the world).

The Divide Keys:

Necromancer's Isle-The old home of Zinn Keenblade's Mentor, 'The Necromancer'. The Demigod Clauth lies locked beneath the island.

Bloodeye Keys-Home of the Gorehowl Cannibals and their undead forms, the ghouls. One of the two islands is a volcano called "The Cauldron".

Darktail Isle-A swampy isle, home of the dark naga who war with the spirit naga.

Lantis-An island where Mount Olympus lies, home of the spirit naga who war with the dark naga. Gnomes come from this island.

Snapper Key-A slave island of the yuan-ti, ophidians are native to this island's swampy lands.

Zil'Quorsil-Homeland of the goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, and varags. It has jungles, swamps, plains, mountains, and deserts. It lies in the open ocean west of Krimira and Mezra and east of Hinnias and Lagrisi. When a cataclysm struck the island, nearly every goblinoid left the island moving to Corr, Mylgiria, Tiamanashi, the Cricalan Desert, Monolith, Great Scrub, and the Icelands.

The Pale Planet[edit]

A nickname of Crivis' moon is 'the Pale Planet'. The bleak landscape of the surface gives way to lush caverns below with fresh water and unique animals who could not survive long on the surface of the moon. The demigoddess, Alinia lives within the bowels of the moon's caves.

Races of Crivis[edit]

Races (Crivis Supplement) tells where various races fit into the Crivis Campaign Setting.

Iconic Characters in Crivis[edit]

Iconic Characters (Crivis Supplement) tells where various iconic characters fit into the Crivis Campaigns Setting.


A land of nations. Nearly every common race is native to Krimira. Humans, high elves, hill dwarves, half-orcs, and many other races. It lies in the northwest.

Lands of Krimira[edit]

Zelmoris' Folly-Formerly the land of Falland, it fell into the evil lich, Zinn Arcturus Keenblade's hands after King Zelmoris lost the great Zinn/Zelmoris War to the wicked lich. The Blackmoon Resistance, based in Blackmoon Mill, leads hit-and-run attacks upon the Ring of Neverending Life(Zinn's necromantic cult). The capital is Zinnmoor(formerly Fallmoor).

Curimdar-A desert realm that lies to the west of Zelmoris' Folly, Curimdar is ruled by the immortal emperor, Timwalk Timtor from the capital of Carlan Zan. Orcs, half-orcs, and poor humans either serve as slaves or are left on the streets to die. The northern plateau of Curimdar, known as the Ice Wolf Tundra, is home to the highest peak on Krimira, Mount Bloodwheel, atop which the Black Wheel Rogues guard the ancient Black Wheel of the Frostwailers.

Mylgiria-Another desert realm across the Aazban river from Curimdar, Mylgiria is east of that place. The Grand Sultan, Pishu Kii lives as lord of Mylgiria in his grand palace in the capital city of Kii-Anq. The Mylgirians worship The Twenty Coins. Travelers usually head for the beaches of Mylgiria where resorts sit and cold water meets the burning deserts of inner Mylgiria. Merchant-Lords rule the other cities of this desert country. Ogre nomads wander the wastes near their former masters' ancient ruins. Not many know that the ogres' old masters were the oppresive death giants.

The Flame Wastes-North of Mylgiria, the Flame Wastes were once a verdant valley, part of the Dwarel Woods to the northeast. That was until the salamanders banished Emperor Zirrbag of the efreet and his subjects to Crivis. Zirrbag's salamanders, flamekin, and efreet roam the Wastes around the vast citadel known as the Eye of the Wastes. Eccentric elf druids built Firetree Post at the entrance to the Dwarel Woods to regrow the dead forest, while in the western mountains, Azer rebels fight against their former efreet masters.

Zortek-Northeast of the Ice Wolf Tundra of Curimdar, Zortek is the land of the orcs. From the vast Wildeye Fortress, Killbasher Wildeye, most-feared warlord of all the orc tribes rules. Catfolk live in the Moonshield Mountains to the north bordering the Dwarel Woods, trying ever so hard to keep out of the brutish orcs way. Dracion lives in the Burning Cliffs of western Zortek. Curimdar broke all ties with the orcs when the beasts failed them during the Curimdar/Falland War, making every orc in Curimdar a slave or making them die in the streets along with their half-orc spawn.

Mornia-A hidden swamp valley in the mountains between Zelmoris' Folly and the Dwarel Hills. Mornia is ruled by vampires, who in turn are ruled by the most powerful of all vampires in the world, Mortan Vimarsh. Humans barely survive in small villages in the swamps, constantly raided by the vampires' minions, lycanthropes, lizardfolk, and even the occasional bog giant. Any hint of revolt among the humans of Mornia is easily beaten down by the vampires.

Dwarel Hills-East of the Dwarel Woods, the Dwarel Hills are home to the hill dwarves. Ruled by thane Olaf Whitebeard on his throne in Irongate City, the capital, the dwarves build great cities among the hills. The largest city in the world and a planar stopping point known as Loyket is also found here, ruled by Lord-Mayor Khan(though it is it's own nation). Centaurs inhabit the border between the Dwarel Hills and the Dwarel Woods and are friends to both the dwarves and elves.

Dwarel Woods-Sitting in the middle of Krimira, the Dwarel Woods is the home of the high elves. The elves are ruled by the Woodfury Council from Woodfury City in the center of the wood. Orc raids from the southeast and efreet and their minions attack from the southwest, make the border guards of the Woods strong. A hidden illumian root cabal lives in the northern mountains close to the Hag Bog which leads into the Virlands of Virtogwin.

Corr-West of the Dwarel Woods along Krimira's west coast, Corr is home to King Aiden Corrington who rules his realm from the port city of Corrington. Many classic creatures like bulettes, sahuagin, and gold dragons live in and around Corr.The Icelands border it to the north and the Dwarel Woods to the east. Pelor is the main god here.

The Icelands-The viking-like Icelandians rule this frozen land. Their leader is frozen in ice and is known only as 'The Iceman'. The Iceman telepathically talks to his shamans at Iceman's Hold. The Icelandians live in the Icelands along with the mountain dwarves. A strange island lies off the end of the Icelandian peninsula, it is known as Serpentspring Island.The Serpentspring Caverns are home to hot springs and ruins of an ancient civilization who worshipped Sinestra,Empress of Serpents. The Norse Gods are worshipped here.

Virtogwin(Virlands)-East of the Icelands and north of the Dwarel Woods. The Dwarel Wood is connected to the Virlands by the Hag Bog. The Vir are the local people and are allies of the hengeyokai. The Vir Wall seperates the Virlands from the Toghills to the east.

Virtogwin(Toghills)-West of the Virlands and southeast of the Wincrags, the Toghills was home to the strongest tribesman of Virtogwin, the Tog. That was before the rakshasa took over. Now they keep the Togsmen as slaves along with the goblinoid bakemono.

Virtogwin(Wincrags)-Northwest of the Toghills, the Wincrags are home to the Win. The Win are controlled by yak folk puppeteers who pull nearly all of the strings of Win life. The Ethergaunts ruled Virtogwin from here.

Tiligia-An island north of the Wincrags, Tiligia is a frozen land of barbarian tribes, snow goblins, and other icey creatures. Icegate Port is the only city on the island of any size.

More Information on Krimira[edit]

Zelmoris' Folly(Falland)has houses, or guilds that have special information:

  • House Bront-Lycanthropic Brutes. Main Class:Barbarian.

Founded by Kir Bront, a human werewolf barbarian.

  • House Dragonfang-Dragon Worshippers. Main Class:Dragon Shaman.

Founded by Whitescale Dragonfang, a human metallic dragon shaman.

  • House Hurbis-Entertaining Innkeepers. Main Class:Bard.

Founded by Milton Hurbis, a young human bard.

  • House Keenblade-Mercenaries. Main Class:Fighter.

Founded by Dolores Keenblade, a human warrior of some renown.

  • House Myklius-Brutal Fighters. Main Class:Fighter.

Founded by Atar Myklius, a brutal human tyrant.

  • House Tharuna-Double-agent Rogues. Main Class:Rogue.

Founded by Krin Tharuna, a changeling spy.

  • House Valia-Priesthood of Fallor. Main Class:Cleric.

Founded by Johnathan Valia, half-elf prophet of Fallor.

  • House Zyking-Skilled Mages and Golem-makers. Main Class:Wizard.

Founded by Iro Zyking, a human wizard of Vir decent.

Loyket is both a city and a nation and is ruled by Lord-Mayor Khan and Grand Marshal Isildor. It is home to many races from across the planes.

Legor Tilvanesky II, son of Legor Tilvanesky and Laura Tyrona, is lord-warlock of a Zelmoris' Folly town called Bloodfire Village, famous for it's militia, the Bloodfire Army. He is an ally of Zinn Keenblade.

Before he was killed by the God of Summer and his remains became the Ice Wolf Tundra, the God of Winter lived in Tiligia. His palace remains there.


Mezra is a jungle land. Humans, wild elves, yuan-ti, and tabaxi live here. It lies in the southwest.

Lands of Mezra[edit]

The Coiling Peninsula-Home of the Yuan-ti, the city of Ssi-kurr is home to the anathema emperor of the yuan-ti, Ssirroth. Jungles cover the peninsula, snakes rule the land.

Morkhan-The Morkhan Empire is home to the human population of Mezra, it is a field in between vast jungle trees. Farms surround the vast cities of the Morkhani. Emperor Amotech Morkhan rules from the main city of Han-kurr. They are at odds with the Krimiran explorers in Tovred's Landing. It lies southeast of the Coiling Peninsula.

Hirapatesh Jungle-The central jungle of the continent, Hirapatesh is also home to the vast volcano, Mount Kominquom. It lies west of Morkhan and is home to many insectile human tribes and wild elves.

Tiamanashi-Home to the tabaxi, Tiamanashi is full of felines. It is a plateau north of the western part of the Hirapatesh Jungle. Some wild elf hunters come here hunting the dire leopards of the land, watching out for any tabaxi guardians.

More Information on Mezra[edit]

Mezra is home to the leopard-people named Tabaxi, who are ruled by the animalistic and evil, Tabaxi Lords.

The God of Summer lives in the center of Mount Kominquom.


Cricalans, wemics, and other races live on Lagrisi. It lies in the southeast.

Lands of Lagrisi[edit]

Rockmaw-The westernmost land of Lagrisi, gnomes from Lantis(a nearby island,that had a smaller island to it's north that sunk.)settle the Rockmaw and wemic tribes roam the vast plains. To the west lies the Cricalan Desert. Rilkans and skarns also live here and in the Cricalan Desert.

Cricalan Desert-Goblin warlords hold mini-empires here. It lies west of Rockmaw, north of the Viras Forest, and south of Cricala. Human tribes live next to the base of Cricala. Goblin lumber camps are near the Viras forest.

Viras Forest-A vast forest and home to the Goddess of Spring. The Viras Forest is a land of woodling creatures and fey. A druid village lies in the eastern half of the forest. Wood Elves and Dusklings live here as well.

Cricala-A mountain range on Lagrisi's northern peninsula, Cricalans live here worshipping their god, Kindorsian who lives atop the Throne of Skies. Halflings live in the northern hills of Cricala.

More Information on Lagrisi[edit]

The Goddess of Spring lives within the Tree of Life in the center of the Viras Forest.

The Cricalans once ruled an empire across the whole continent. It isn't uncommon to see Cricalan ruins anywhere on the continent.


A land of psionics, Hinnias is home to the inspired,kalashtar, half-giants, dromites, and other races. It lies in the northeast.

Lands of Hinnias[edit]

New Krimira-A land of Krimiran settlers. Maenads live on the coast and New Krimira City lies in the central grasslands ruled by Lord-Mayor Erin Stone.

Great Scrub-Home of the halflings and the gnolls, the Great Scrub stretches from the verdant plains of New Krimira in the west to the Obelisk Desert of Monolith in the north to the mountains of Refuge in the south.

Monolith-Home of the Quori-possessed Inspired, Monolith is an oppresive land that keeps humans, half-giants, and many other creatures as slaves to the Inspired governors of the land.

Jimera-A cold island north of Monolith, ancient Quori gates and forges sit here in the snow. The Inspired have sent many dig teams to reactivate these ancient places.

Refuge-Kalashtar and xeph are the main races who live in Refuge's wooded peaks. The Inspired send strike teams often to destroy Refuge's orderly,hidden monasteries.

More Information on Hinnias[edit]

Nearly all psionic creatures originate from Hinnias.

The Goddess of Fall lives in the mountains of Refuge, in a secluded mountain valley that only flying creatures can reach.

Golumus,the Crivian Underdark[edit]

Crivis' underground cave systems are collectivley known as Golumus. The caves are full of strange creatures. Drow, duergar, svirfneblin, mind flayers, beholders, and neogi to name a few. A race known as gloomlings live a hard life in the depths, picking mushrooms in their city of Gloomtown. Lord Gloom XXV is leader of these squat humanoids and tries hard to defend his people from threats. The myconids near Gloomtown have never liked the gloomlings stealing their valuable fungi and attack them often. You enter a strange world when you descend into the caverns of Golumus.

Crivis Adventure Hooks[edit]

  1. An influential Blackmoon Resistance leader is taken prisoner. The Resistance is looking for someone to free their leader.
  2. A small portion of House Tharuna turns against Zinn and sparks a revolt in Zinnmoor.
  3. A Kalashtar comes to Loyket seeking a quori artifact that can shut down a whole legion of quor-craft warforged.
  4. A famous Morkhani cook known as Mourin the Soupmaker is seeking exotic soup ingredients: lobsterfolk meat, a snake root, a sahuagin eye, and a dire leopard paw.
  5. A rock in the seas near New Krimira is home to many wrecked cargo ships. What is making cargo ships wreck here? Is it pirates, a dragon, or something else?
  6. Golumus is home to many creatures, but in Gloomtown Lord Gloom XXV wants someone to hunt down one of the most feared, the balhannoth, Manatooth.
  7. An azurin is born among the human tribes of Cricala and says that the Cricalans shouldn't be worshipped but a new god who is going to awaken soon. Is he telling the truth about this so-called new god or is he lying to gain power?
  8. Goblins raid a town in Corr and steal numerous artifacts of Pelor. The local priesthood must recover these artifacts.
  9. A runner-up Lord-Mayor of Loyket, named Abbris gathers followers and revolts against Lord-Mayor Khan. Can this revolt be stopped?
  10. An ancient Frostwailer relic lies deep within the volcanic caves of Mount Bloodwheel and a local wizard wants it, he hires your party to find it, little do you know treasure hunters are also looking for it.
  11. An expirement of House Zyking, the half-golem Stozan has escaped from a Zyking lab and is heading for a nearby town. House Zyking wants someone to capture him before he reaches the town and bring him back to the lab alive.
  12. A druid asks you to deliver a speacil plant to a colleague, all the druid told you was that the colleague is in Carlan Zan, but where? The archives, the inn, or maybe in the palace? Maybe someone in Carlan Zan will know.
  13. An undead infestation plagues a small town in Corr.
  14. Yodi(pronounced 'yoad-eye'), an ancient samurai master lives deep within the Hag Bog between the Dwarel Wood and the Virlands. He has trained the most powerful of all warriors and one of his pupils sends your party to learn from him.
  15. You're invited to a banquet in Loyket, but a murder in the middle of the banquet soon turns into a mystery to solve who the killer is.
  16. An impotant message is being carried on the boat 'Morning Glory'. Pirates are trying to intercept the boat and destroy the message no doubt. At the port they stop at for repairs, the captain lets out a call for mercenaries to defend the ship. Can the important message make it to it's destination?
  17. A group of explorers is hoping to go deeper into the boiling hot waters of the Serpentspring Caverns to look for more ancient ruins.
  18. A wealthy noble taking a vacation on the Bloodeye Keys is kidnapped by the native cannibals.
  19. Captain Handir Mar of Calia in Corr is having trouble with the local bandits and their pet wolves.
  20. The druids of the Viras Forest need help destroying goblin lumber camps.
  21. Flamekin and their efreet masters raid a shipment of food passing through the Flame Wastes and return to a tower in the center of a lava pool with the shipment.
  22. The tomb of the great adventurer, Hugo Sin I has been uncovered in the mountains near Loyket. Baron Hugo Sin IV wants someone to explore his great grandfather's tomb and kill any monsters who might now live within.
  23. The gnomes of Lantis City hold an exotic fair. Pickpockets, acrobats, clowns, merchants, and adventurers are all common sight within the fair.
  24. An explorer is looking for a team for his expedition to the goblinoid homeland of Zil'Quorsil.
  25. Morkhani raiders assault Tovred's Landing in the Hirapatesh Jungle.
  26. A black ethergaunt returns to the Wincrags and begins remaking the khen-zai's ancient empire. Only an ancient relic infused with Vir, Tog, and Win spirits can possibly stop the budding empire's advance.
  27. Drow raid a high elf town and steal away the elder's daughter.
  28. Tensions are rising between the Sin family and the Montir family in Loyket, if the tensions aren't stopped then open warfare will no doubt be far behind.
  29. A strange horseman in black robes rides out of a haunted canyon and those he meets turn up dead soon after.
  30. An inspired raid on Refuge sees a sensei of the kalashtar kidnapped. Who knows what will happen to the ancient sensei.
  31. A magical locket is stolen from the Morkhani by a spy. Who sent the spy?
  32. Lord Hectus Stoneflayer, 'Butcher of Golumus' gathers an army of duergar deep beneath Krimira. The hill and mountain dwarves prepare for the imminent war.

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