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This page tells you how to fit numerous races into the Crivis Campaign Setting. If you want to know how a certain race fits into Crivis, put it on the discussion page.


Humans easily fit in anywhere, except perhaps Tiamanashi (mostly felines) or the Coiling Peninsula (mostly snakes).


Millenia ago a great underground fortress lie beneath the Dwarel Hills, three clans lived in the great hold, the Irongate Clan, the Snowliff Clan, and the Warmine Clan. A great war known as the Beard Wars came to be soon after the Irongate Clan allied with the elves of the Dwarel Wood. The Irongate Clan won the war, the Snowcliff Clan was exiled to the icey caves below the Icelands, becoming the mountain dwarves and the Warmine Clan was ripped apart and left for the caves under Lagrisi and Hinnias, becoming the duergar. The Irongate Clan built Irongate City above the ruins of the ancient fortress.

Hill dwarves live in the Dwarel Hills. Their capital there is Irongate City, where their ruler, Thane Olaf Whitebeard rules the dwarves.

Mountain dwarves live in the Icelands. There they live deeper under the mountains than hill dwarves to escape the cold. Thane Holin Minebuilder rules the mountain dwarves.

Duergar live primarily in Golumus' caverns beneath Lagrisi and Hinnias. The ones under Lagrisi love to kill Cricalans and are sadistic murderers, while the ones under Hinnias are sticking to the old traditions (fighting,mining, and drinking) or embracing the kalashtar's path of good and following the light. Thane Lagrir Mountaincrusher rules the Lagrisi duergar, and Thane Jin Warhowler rules the Hinnias duergar following the old traditions. The good duergar have no leader.


High elves live in the Dwarel Woods. Their great affinity for magic shows in their capital of Woodfury City, towers reaching to the clouds and vast wellsprings of magical energy dot the city. The Woodfury Council lead the high elves down the right path.

Wild Elves live in the Hirapatesh Jungle as hunters and gatherers who live off the land. The wild elves live in tribes ruled by the most powerful of the tribe's sorcerers.

Drow live in Golumus. Nearly everywhere you go in the tunnels you will find at least one drow. Most drow despise surface elves. They follow Lolth devoutly.

Umbragen, also known as shadow elves, are drow who are filled with the dark energies of the 'Well of Darkness'. They are suspicious of outsiders and hate mind flayers, beholders, and other inhabitants of Golumus. Warlocks and soulknives are common among their ranks.

Aquatic Elves live in the Blue Divide's waters between Krimira and Hinnias. Sahuagin are common in these waters and love to kill their favorite prey. The aquatic elves safeguard their waters like the high elves safeguard the Dwarel Wood.

Wood Elves live in the deep Viras Forest. Their ancient ways of druidism make them fierce defenders of the forest. They despise the goblinoid mini-empires in the Cricalan Desert to the north who cut down the trees of the northern Viras Forest.


Rock gnomes live on Lantis, mostly in the Industrial Wastes beyond the Satyr Woodlands. Their leader is Tinker King Totting Onnis who lives in Lantis City's vast Tinker Factory. They are starting to colonize Rockmaw on Lagrisi.

Svirfneblin live in Golumus under Lantis and Darktail Isle (unless taken as slaves). They hide from the drow and mind flayer slavers, a few are always taken in every slave raid though.

Forest Gnomes live in the Satyr Woodlands. Many search for ancient relics to sell to passing merchants and adventurers. They live in villages within hidden within the trees.

Ice Gnomes mostly live in the city of Icegate Port in Tiligia. Many leave into the cold wilderness to train in hunting skills and to commune with nature. Some live on Mount Olympus on Lantis.

Whisper Gnomes are skilled in stealth and usually live in large cities like Lantis City, Zinnmoor, and Loyket. They are usually spies, assassins, or even just simple thieves.


Lightfoot halflings live in Great Scrub and Monolith on Hinnias. They sometimes move to Refuge, mainly to gather climbdogs to ride. Many have left Hinnias for the cities of Krimira or even stayed on Hinnias and live in New Krimira City. Also, some have moved to the northern plains of Cricala.

Jerren are vile and evil halflings who grew tired of the goblinoids in the foothills of Refuge near their home. They slaughtered the goblinoids and began to worship an evil, sadistic god who wished for endless slaughter.


Goblins originate from Zil'Quorsil, but left when a cataclysm struck the island. They are found in Mylgiria, Corr, the Icelands, Tiamanashi, the Cricalan Desert, Monolith, and Great Scrub. Ice goblins are native to Tiligia. They mainly work as slaves.

Hobgoblins never left Zil'Quorsil. They watched as their empire collapsed around them. Some left to lead the other goblinoids, but most (about 97%) still live in the ruins of Zil'Quorsil.

Bugbears originate from Zil'Quorsil, but left when a cataclysm struck the island. They are found in Corr, the Icelands, and the Cricalan Desert. They mainly work as enforcers.

Varags originate from Zil'Quorsil, but left when a cataclysm struck the island. They are found in Rockmaw, the Cricalan Desert, Monolith, and Great Scrub. They mainly work as scouts.

Psionic Races[edit]

Inspired live in Monolith. They are the hosts of the evil quori who rule Dal Quor. They rule the numerous people of Monolith with regional governors. Their secret spy network, called 'The Dreaming Dark' are nearly everywhere the inspired could gain quori artifacts or other weapons and treasures useful to the quori.

Kalashtar live in Refuge. They stand against the evil inspired and their quori masters. The Kalashtar are also descended from quori-possesed humans.

Xeph live in the deep woods of Refuge. Their soulknifes have been bane to many of the evil inspired. They are allies of the kalashtar.

Maenads live along the coast of New Krimira. They usually run boat rental or fishing stores. They get along well with the Krimiran settlers and always have.

Thri-kreen live in the Obelisk Desert of Monolith. They always scout the land for inspired and other servants of the quori. The inspired sometimes go out to hunt down these insectile freedom fighters.

Dromites live under Hinnias in great hives. Some are warlike raiders, while others are a peaceful people.

Aquatic Races[edit]

Aventi are the lucky of the small isle of Atlantis (once north of Lantis). When Atlantis sunk, their god gave them the means to survive underwater (gills, fins, etc.). They are usually on good relations with the gnomes.

Hadozee are native to Mezra. They once lived in the Hirapatesh Jungle, that was until they found their real homes: ships. Now they are usually seen as deckhands or even captains aboard ships.

Darfellan are the descendants of orca lycanthropes. They thrive in the Blue Divide's northern waters. They were nearly hunted to extinction by sahuagin though and so only a half of their old population exists today.

Human-descended Races[edit]

Azurin are usually born among the human tribes of Cricala. They are few though and are usually outcasts to their people.

Changelings are the descendants of half-doppelgangers. They are found in nearly every major city on Crivis, working as rogues, spies, and many other jobs that require disguises or unique looks.

Death-touched have undead ancestry somewhere in their blood. They have undead-like features like sharp canine teeth, a ghoulish tongue, or the smell of a graveyard. Many can be found in Zelmoris's Folly and on the Bloodeye Keys.

Illumians live everywhere. The Dwarel Woods northern mountain ranges are home to a root cabal named Oakmaw, which defends the woods fervently. Other cabals dot the lands of Krimira and New Krimira.

Mongrelfolk mostly live in the sewers of Loyket. Some have risen to the actual city and a few have left to see the world.

Neanderthals live on Tiligia, where they dig out a life of hunting the woolly mammoths that roam the icey fields. Yetis are the most feared creatures to the neanderthals, while mammoths are the most revered.

Shifters are the descendants of humans and natural lycanthropes. They live mostly in southeast Krimira (Mornia, Zortek, Zelmoris's Folly, Curimdar). Many are cunning rangers and druids of those lands.

Underfolk were slaves to an ancient civilization that locked them underground. They adapted to the caves and became tribespeople. They live in Golumus under Krimira mainly, but will move to better caves when the edible fungus and water supply has run out.


The desert people called the Asherati are much like merfolk of the sands, leaping in and out of the sand dunes, "swimming" through the sands. Asherati also can make their skin glow, allowing them to see in the dark underground. They live in Curimdar and Mylgiria.


Hengeyokai live in the Virlands, protecting the Vir from the vile hags of the Hag Bog. They live in the forests and mountains near Vir settlements.


Desert travelers, armands vend their wares in every desert on the world. Curimdar, Mylgiria, the Obelisk Desert of Monolith, and the Cricalan Desert are all inhabitated by the roaming armand merchants.


A race with a human torso connecting to a horse's body at the withers: that's what a centaur is. They live in the rocky forests between the Dwarel Woods and the Dwarel Hills. They are allies to the elves and the dwarves.


Goliaths live in Cricala's foothills to the north of the mountain range. They climb the mountains often to consult the Cricalans about matters among the goliaths and where to find prey for hunting. Cricalans act as advisers to the goliath chieftains. They are 10 feet tall.


Living among the Dwarel Hills, raptorans are descended from the humans who pledged themselves to ancient air elementals and gained the ability to fly. The raptorans also became more bird-like, gaining talons, wings, and feathers.

Rilkans & Skarns[edit]

Rilkans are daredevils and extremists of Lagrisi. They live in Rockmaw and the Cricalan Desert, evading skarn raiding parties and the like.

Skarns are orderly, unlike the rilkans. They capture and execute the rilkans glaldy. They are sure that it was the rilkan's reckless behavior that brought the mishtai empire to ruin. They live in Rockmaw and the Cricalan Desert.


Built by Loyket engineers after finding ancient quori blueprints, warforged are the elite of Krimira's armies. They are living constructs though, so they have thoughts and can decide for themselves what to do next. Many (about 60%) are part of Krimira's numerous armies, but some have become merchants, scholars, workers, clerics, and even adventurers.


Catfolk live in the Moonshield mountains of northern Zortek. The mountains lie inbetween Zortek and the Dwarel Wood. Catfolk villages are raided much by the orcs of the plains below. Many catfolk rangers have orcs as their favored enemy.


Found living in tribes among the trees of the Viras Forest, dusklings are fey from another plane of existence. They are fey of incarnum. Their leaders, the totemists, use incarnum the most.


Half-elves live in both human and elf society. They usually appear where elves and humans mingle.

Half-orcs live in both human and orc society. They usually appear where orcs and humans mingle. Or worse, forced breeding.

Half-giants are the subject of forced breeding between giants and humans by an ancient sorcerer-king of Caiden, the largest province in Monolith. Some have thrown off the shackles of slavery and escaped to lands far away from Monolith.

Half-golems are experiments of House Zyking to let wounded people live longer with golem limbs. Many go insane from the experience of golem parts being made part of their body, those who don't go mad are usually outcasts soon after, seen as monsters by all but golem-makers and eccentric mages.

Half-ogres live in both human and ogre society. They usually appear where ogres and humans mingle. Or worse, forced breeding.

Half-vampires are frightening beings of both vampiric and humanoid blood. The most famous of all half-vampires is Mortan Keenblade Vimarsh II, son of Count Mortan Vimarsh and Dolores Keenblade, founder of House Keenblade.


Long ago, Boccob shattered Crivis into millions of ley lines, creating magic. Anthromorphs are born near these ley lines. They look like humanoids with beastial features. They can appear like any animal, from cats to walruses.


Note: These four types of catgirl were made by Maglad.

Arctic catgirls live on Tiligia. Neanderthal villages and Icegate Port are common places for them to put their daughters into foster homes.

Desert catgirls live in Curimdar. They travel in troupes through the deserts and are allies to the Curimdarans and the asherati.

Domestic catgirls live in Loyket and New Krimira. They usually are foster daughters to nobles, though some non-noble domestic catgirls exist. They are accepted as parts of the noble bloodline if put into a noble foster home. Baron Hugo Sin IV of Loyket has a domestic catgirl foster daughter named Pink.

Jungle catgirls live in the Hirapatesh Jungle. They usually put their daughters in Morkhani foster homes, but wild elves have been known to have jungle catgirls in their midst.


Note: These six types of inhumans were made by Evil Dm Mk3.

Aanan, Gronfrox, Hendyn, Norkton, Peir-Faiff, and Xenex are all rare and can be found in human lands.

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