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Welcome to Zelmoris' Folly, realm of Keenblade. Enter here to find information on this war-torn land.

Rulers of Falland(Zelmoris' Folly)[edit]

  • King Horun Florin-Founder of Falland. Died at the age of 96.
  • King Tylius Florin-Executed millions of Falland's lycanthropes. Burned alive at age 37 by Johnathan Valia's grandson, Garos Valia for his bloody "crusade".
  • King Lugman Florin-Led skirmishes against the Curimdar Empire. Died at the age of 62.
  • King Allister Florin-King during the Curimdar\Falland War. Signed treaty after war with Curimdar. Poisoned by his advisor, Zinn Keenblade, at the age of 57.
  • King Tovred Florin-Killed Zinn Keenblade. Was killed by Zinn(after becoming a lich)72 years later at the age of 93.
  • Queen Millia Florin-Led an army against Legor Tilvanesky and his Bloodfire Army. Slew, but was killed by, Legor Tilvanesky at the age of 51.
  • King Zelmoris Florin-Last King of Falland, king during Zinn\Zelmoris War. Slain by Zinn at the age of 29.
  • Zinn Arcturus Keenblade-Current ruler of Zelmoris' Folly(Falland). Signed the Pact of Triumph.

Cities of Zelmoris' Folly[edit]


Capital of Zelmoris' Folly, Zinnmoor is a city of resistance fighters and foul cultists.

City Quarters[edit]

Gatetown-Inns and taverns rule this district. Merchants and travelers from across Krimira are found here staying in the inns, drinking in the taverns, and selling their wares. House Hurbis' headquarters is found here.

Bayside District-Ships coming in from Falland Bay dock here. Fisherman and sailors mostly live here. Former marines turned resistance fighters live under the old Falland Navy's HQ here.

Shadowknife Square-A large square with a ruined fountain in the center. Murderers and cultists stalk the streets doing horrible acts to the square's citizens, robbing and killing being the most common.House Tharuna's Blackmoon Resistance base is found here.

Execution Street-This street leads to the massive gates of Zinnmoor Keep. Gallows lie in a large square right in front of the Keep's gates. Public executions are made in the square, the Blackmoon Resistance hates the square, it being where the mayor of their town named Hall Blackmoon was executed due to Zinn blaming him for the death of King Allister Florin.

Zinnmoor Keep-Throne of Zelmoris' Folly. Is seperated into the Slave Quarters, Barracks, Lower Keep, Upper Keep, and the Throne Room.

Important People in Zinnmoor Keep[edit]

Zinn Arcturus Keenblade-Resides in the Throne Room of Zinnmoor Keep. Is currently working on a plague known as Hellrot.

Faerietooth Dragonfang-Former leader of House Dragonfang.Faerietooth was bended into insanity and was deformed by Zinn after her foolish attempt at defeating him, she resides within Zinnmoor's Upper Keep. She is a very powerful Keenblade Mutant.

Mortan Keenblade Vimarsh II-Son of Zinn's ancestor, Dolores Keenblade and Mortan Vimarsh, count of Mornia. He rules the many undead of Zinn's army. He resides within Zinnmoor's Lower Keep.

Turzarg the Conquerer-Demon general of Zinn's cultists and demons. He is a demon of such horrifying power, he was amazed to have been beaten in single combat by Zinn Keenblade. He resides in Zinnmoor Keep's Barracks.

Puripo Mindare-Leader of Clauth's worship within the Ring of Neverending Life's fold. He is a cruel torturer and keeper of Zinn's slaves and servants. He resides in the interrogation rooms of Zinnmoor Keep's Slave Quarters.

Blackmoon Mill[edit]

This town lies in a constant state of warfare. It is capital of the Blackmoon Resistance and it lies directly north of Zinnmoor. Cadaver Collectors pick through the desolate plains outside the city and the Resistance and the Ring of Neverending Life fight on the city's walls and in the streets.

Important People of Blackmoon Mill[edit]

Johnathan Blackmoon - Current leader of the Blackmoon Resistance, Johnathan Blackmoon is the next generation of Hall Blackmoon's bloodline. He knows many want to kill him and keeps a great bodyguard.

Horus Whitehearth - A general who worked for Zelmoris in the last days of Falland, Horus Whitehearth was almost executed by the Ring of Neverending Life. Horus escaped Zinnmoor and went to Blackmoon Mill for safe haven. He serves as Johnathan's Personal Bodyguard and Military Leader.

Kerwyn Stone - A rogue in the employ of the Blackmoon Resistance. He is a strange man, being strange ever since his early years, disappearing when trouble arose. He saw a lot of action during the Zinn/Zelmoris War, when he joined the Resistance. No one knows if he lives in Blackmoon Mill, as he is usually out of the area on missions for the Resistance.

Bloodfire Village[edit]

In the far northeastern mountain coast of Zelmoris' Folly lies Bloodfire Village. Legor Tilvanesky II and his Bloodfire Army have an alliance with Zinn. The Bloodfire Army is made up of the village's people and the captive Bloodtooth orcs.

Important People of Bloodfire Village[edit]

Legor Tilvanesky II-Current Lord-Warlock of Bloodfire Village, Legor Tilvanesky is son of Legor Tilvanesky and Laura Tyrona.

The Hall of Eyes[edit]

The hidden headquarters of House Tharuna in the Tharuna Marsh. It lies at the end of the pass to Mornia. The Tharuna Marsh is ever changing and full of dark and shapeshifting creatures.

Improtant People of the Hall of Eyes[edit]

Okin Tharuna-The descendant of Krin, founder of House Tharuna, Okin is a double-agent changeling who works for both Zinn and the Blackmoon Resistance. He is scarred from the many battles he fought in the Zinn/Zelmoris War.

Blade Watch[edit]

Hometown of Zinn Keenblade, Blade Watch is a ruin after what is known as The Burning of the Blade. Zinn's cultists burned the village and slaughtered every last citizen in sight. Anduin Keenblade, current leader of House Keenblade, is currently here in self-exile at his failure at protecting his house from Zinn.

Improtant People of Blade Watch[edit]

Anduin Keenblade-Leader of House Keenblade, Anduin is here in self-exile for his failure of protecting House Keenblade. He lives in the ruins of the town hall.

Ranning Keenblade-The former defense commander of Blade Watch, Ranning is now a ghost. He held through the night in the town's tavern with other villagers, he died in the smoldering fire that engulfed the tavern in the early morning hours.

Timber Town[edit]

Lying in the Orcfall Woods of northwest Zelmoris' Folly, Timber Town is with the Blackmoon Resistance. Orc hunting is common here, giving the woods their name.

Important People of Timber Town[edit]

Kyle Smith-A renowned orc hunter, Kyle Smith is son of the renowned orc-slaying paladin, Dagren Smith. He is now mayor of Timber Town.

Sholana Farwatch-A shifter druid and companion of Kyle Smith, Sholana Farwatch is descended from werewolves and has long fangs and sharp claws. She has an eagle companion known as Feathereye.

Myklius Fort[edit]

On the northern coast of Falland Bay, Myklius Fort is a huge military base. The death knight, Krosh Myklius lives here as House Myklius' undead ruler.

Parts of the Fort[edit]

Krosh's Stronghold-A huge tower with a wall around it, the stronghold lies in the center of the fort and holds the throne of Krosh Myklius.

Barracks-In the eastern portion of the fort lies the barracks. A giant armory, training ground, and other military areas sit in the barracks.

Stockpile-The western half of the fort is known as the Stockpile. It is called this because it has a iron mine and a lumber mill where raw materials for buildings and weapons are stored before being sent off to other Myklius war camps.

Important People of Myklius Fort[edit]

Krosh Myklius-The brutal death knight lord of House Myklius "lives" in the fortress. He fell in the Purge of Valia during the Zinn/Zelmoris War and was revived soon after by Zinn.

Silversands Hall[edit]

Deep within the Divvin Wastes of southwestern Zelmoris' Folly,Silversands Hall is the place where King Allister Florin signed a treaty with Curimdar. Zinn uses it as a slave trading post between Curimdar and Seaside.

Important People of Silversands Hall[edit]

Marcus Kirris-Master of the slave trade in Silversands Hall, Marcus Kirris is a former slave who slew his masters and became a noble of the Divvin Wastes. He hates orcs and half-orcs.


Home of House Zyking, Seaside is a place of oriental architecture and Vir traditions. Iro Zyking, founder of House Zyking brought that to this once small port village. Wizards are abundant here.

Important People of Seaside[edit]

Landin Zyking-Leader of House Zyking, Landin is one of the greatest wizards still alive on Krimira. He is supporter of the Blackmoon Resistance and allows them freely into his city.

The Pact of Triumph[edit]

A document that sealed the fate of all those who opposed Zinn, the Pact of Triumph allows for anyone in Zelmoris' Folly can execute resistance fighters and their allies at any time, any place within the nation.

By order of Zinn Arcturus Keenblade, Ruler of Zelmoris' Folly

This decree allows the soldiers and citizens of Zelmoris' Folly the right to execute Blackmoon Resistance fighters and their heretical allies at any time and any place within the boundaries of the kingdom. Any found aiding the Resistance in any way will be summarily executed, as will Resistance members themselves.


Zinn Arcturus Keenblade, Lord of Zelmoris' Folly

Puripo Mindare, Head of Clauth's Worship

Alizzar Noth, Head of Nerull's Worship

Legor Tilvanesky II, Lord-Warlock of Bloodfire Village

Mortan Keenblade Vimarsh II, Head of the Undead Hordes of Zinn

Krosh Myklius, Lord of House Myklius

Tales from Zelmoris' Folly[edit]

The Tale of Tilvanesky[edit]

Legor Tilvanesky built the great obsidian tower along the northeast coast of Falland. Many settled near the tower and created Bloodfire Village. The Bloodfire Army that Legor organized slew the orc warlord of the mountains nearby and enslaved their tribe. Laura Tyrona, former general of King Tovred, married the lord-warlock Legor and they bore a child. This child, Legor Tilvanesky II would become the lord after his father's demise at the hands of Queen Millia Florin. Legor Tilvanesky II and his mother still live within the obsidian tower of Bloodfire Village.

-As told by Johnathan Blackmoon, Blackmoon Resistance Leader

The Coming of Evil[edit]

Sorant Keenblade was always well respected and when he married the beautiful woman from House Zyking known as Eliza it came as no surprise. Sorant and Eliza lived together for many years until their son was born. This little boy was skilled with magic and was trained by the best of House Keenblade. One day, Sorant left to see the Oracle of Fallmoor, there he learned that the union of him and his wife had created the end of Falland, he didn't believe the Oracle and went back to his home in Blade Watch. Sorant and Eliza's son's name just ironically happened to be Zinn Arcturus Keenblade.

-As told by Anduin Keenblade, Lord of House Keenblade

The Red Legion of Laris[edit]

The bloody battles of the Curimdar/Falland War were ultimately won due to the combined might of Laris Bloodsheath and his Red Legion and Zinn Keenblade and House Keenblade. Laris was leader of the massive defense of the western border from the Curimdaran soldiers, ravenous orcs of Zortek, and the mighty war troll mercenaries under Curimdar's pay. At the Blood Bath of Falland in the Divvin Wastes, Laris single-handedly fought back the Curimdaran offensive, two grueling hours of fighting with three arrows in his back. After the battle Laris dropped dead among the slain Curimdaran and Fallandian soldiers, a hero.

-As told by Horus Whitehearth, Descendant of Laris Bloodsheath

Zinnmoor Keep[edit]

Zinnmoor Keep is broken into five layers.

The Slave Quarters are home to bloodthirsty cultists and dying slaves. Puripo Mindare and Alizzar Noth wander here. Noth is usually found at the altar to Nerull near the torture chambers, while Mindare is within the chambers torturing slaves for failures.

The Barracks are watched over by Turzarg the Conquerer. Him and his demon cohorts brutilly teach the cultists how to fight to the death. He resides within his vast quarters with several other demons.

The Lower Keep is mostly towers, walls, and open courtyard. Undead and several necromancers wander here. Mortan Vimarsh Keenblade, a half-vampire, resides within the main keep's entrance hall that leads to the stairs to the Upper Keep.

The Upper Keep is a vast maze. Zinn made sure none would disturbe him. Minotaurs, undead, golems, and who knows what else wander within the complex. Faerietooth Dragonfang shambles about the entrance to the Throne Room.

The Throne Room comprises of the actual throne and the advisors' quarters. Zinn built a vast lab behind a fake wall in the advisors' quarters while he was alive and began experimenting on Hellrot. He still works on the disease in the confines of the lab and none but his most trusted lieutenants know of it.

-As told by a hooded traveler to those who ask about Zinnmoor Keep.

Random Encounters[edit]

Zelmoris' Folly Random Encounters
d% CR Encounter
1-10 4 4x House Myklius Warriors 2
11-20 1 2x Zombies
21-30 1 1x Ghoul
31-40 5 2x Wolves and 1x Werewolf
41-50 Var. Supply Caravan (10x Com 1, 5x War 2, 2x Exp 5)
51-60 12 1x Cadaver Collector (MM3)
61-70 4 2x Owlbear Skeletons
71-80 8 4x Dretches
81-90 16 2x Dreadborn Vultures (MM5)
91-100 20 1x Balor

Key: MM3 = Monster Manual 3 . MM5 = Monster Manual 5

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