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Symbol: An male elf's head with the right side burnt and the left side handsome
Home Plane: Crivis (Material Plane)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Fire,Orcs
Clergy Alignments: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos,Evil,Fire,Orc
Favored Weapon: Knife
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Once the most handsome of all elves,the demigod Dracion was once known as Dracorius. He was a demigod of the elves- little did they all know his true evil inside; Dracorius had worked with many demons and had betrayed his own people at Forestgate by luring devils there with demonic bait. Corellon Larethian burnt the right side of his face to show the elves what would happen to those who consorted with demons. Dracion,as Dracorius renamed himself,went on using demonic fire and left for Zortek.There he befriended the orcs and started worshipping Gruumsh. Soon after he replaced his left hand with a blade.He still lives in the Burning Cliffs of western Zortek.


Dracion is the hand of Gruumsh; when orcs stray from their warlike nature or aid elves in any way, Dracion slaughters them. He has been known to burn whole villages for a lone orc hunter sparing a cooshee,or elven hound.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples of Dracion are small underground shrines near volcanic vents. The lava is channeled through small tunnels connecting the vent to the shrine which empty into holding basins on either side of the altar on a stoned walkway down the center of the two basins. The priests of Dracion burn the right side of their faces and wear flame-resistant orange robes.


Dracion looks like a handsome young elf. However,the right side of his face is horribly burnt and his left hand has been replaced with a blade.He wears a red flame-resistant leather kilt around his waist and has large,spiked boots.

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