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Cities of Zortek[edit]

IMPORTANT NOTE: This section only talks about the largest orc cities. No catfolk settlements are described, for they are very small and have nearly no one of importance.

Wildeye Fortress[edit]

Killbasher Wildeye, warlord of all orcs in Zortek is the leader of the orcish race. Any tribe who opposes him opposes all other orcs. The Wildeye tribe are the favored of Gruumsh.

Important People of Wildeye Fortress[edit]

Warlord Killbasher Wildeye- The mighty warlord of Zortek, Killbasher is imbued with Gruumsh's power and is a vicious beast on the battlefield. His mighty axe, the Wildeye of Gruumsh is nearly always drenched in blood. He is the only outside of Gruumsh's clergy to speak his god's name.

Huntmaster Zindrek- Elf blood Master of the Great Elven Hunt, Zindrek Elfblood loves to collect elf ears and has a necklace of ears around his neck. He is a devout worshiper of Ilneval and loves war.

Orog the Harvester- The Harvester of Souls and Keeper of Plagues, Orog is the prophet of Yurtus on Crivis and is very pale for a normal orc. He loves the idea of death to all of the orcs' enemies. His greatest foes are the dwarves.

Bloodmaw Village[edit]

The sacrificial pit known as the Bloodmaw is located here. The skulls of dwarves, elves, humans, and catfolk line the pit. A huge amount of bodies, treasure, and trash lie within the pit itself. This village is home to hundreds of slaves who double as sacrifices.

Important People of Bloodmaw Village[edit]

Therg the Bloody- Therg is the master of sacrifices in the village. A red skull is painted on his face and ten daggers lie within his clothing, in case one dagger fails.

Darktooth Stronghold[edit]

Furious Darktooth, chieftain of the Darktooth tribe resides here in their main stronghold. The main building is a war room. Small barracks dot the stronghold and the surrounding plains.

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