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Welcome traveler. This is Curimdar, land of the kings. Enter to find information about this desert realm.

Cities of Curimdar[edit]

Carlan Zan[edit]

Capital of Curimdar, Carlan Zan is home of the Archives of Curimdar and many other places of interest. Timwalk Timtor, immortal emperor of Curimdar lives within the palace and rules his realm. The city lies within the center of Curimdar near the Ice Wolf Tundra's cliffs.

Important People of Carlan Zan[edit]

Timwalk Timtor-Immortal Emperor of Curimdar, Timwalk Timtor was granted immortality by rescuing a celestial five-hundred years ago. He was offended by King Lugman Florin of Falland's attacks on Curimdar and Zortek and allied with the orcs to crush the weaklings. He broke all ties with the orcs when they lost the Curimdar/Falland War and he signed a treaty with Falland soon after.

Master Onn Pishu-The ancient master of the Archives, Onn Pishu knows where every book, every section, and every genre of his library/archives is. He can lead anyone to any place within the building.

Sir Hojji-Sir Hojji acts as a defender of the people, really he is a Mylgirian spy sent to convert Curimdarans to the ways of the Twenty Coins.

Carlan of the Zannians-This ancient lich is the founder of Carlan Zan. His people, the Zannians were the original inhabitants of what is now know as Curimdar, Mylgiria, and Zortek. Carlan is one of the most powerful beings on Crivis. He lies within the hidden library within the palace.

Sandy Waters[edit]

A small oasis village near the Zelmoris' Folly border. Sandy Waters is a stopping point for travelers before they head through the blazing desert towards Carlan Zan.

Important People of Sandy Waters[edit]

Jorros the Water-carrier-This burly half-orc is the man to go to for water. He has a huge barrel of water on his back that he lugs around, until a customer stops him of course.

Mashorin Blackhood-A guardian of the 'Secret Tombs of the Ten Kings', Mashorin only tells those who kill an adult blue dragon where the first and fourth tombs lie.

"Twindaggers" Pikos-A Mylgirian spy posing as a lowly beggar, "Twindaggers" Pikos is a master at illusions. He loves to use two daggers, hence his nickname.

Snowfield Post[edit]

At the base of Mount Bloodwheel stands Snowfield Post, a town built within an ancient Curimdaran stockade from the Curimdar/Falland War. The lower levels of the stockades are filled with undead prisoners and golem sentinels built to watch over the prison.

Important People of Snowfield Post[edit]

Captain Kir Donosh-Captain of Snowfield Post, Kir Donosh is also one of the guardians of the 'Secret Tombs of the Ten Kings'. He will only tell where the second,third, and fifth tombs lie if someone kills at least fifty of the undead prisoners.


A city along the Aazban river in the west, Luxxis is built within the Aazban Marsh and is the only way to get to Mylgiria across the river. It is an important center of commerce and home to the 'Secret Tombs of the Ten Kings'.

Tomb Locations[edit]

  • The first of the ten tombs lies beneath the bakery.
  • The second and third of the ten tombs lie beneath the tavern.
  • The fourth of the ten tombs lies beneath the boathouse.
  • The fifth, sixth, and seventh of the ten tombs lie beneath the graveyard.
  • The eigth, ninth, and tenth of the ten tombs lie beneath the nearby swamplands.

Important People of Luxxis[edit]

Master Apeesh Okai-Apeesh is Timwalk Timtor's spymaster and one of the guardians of the 'Secret Tombs of the Ten Kings'. He will only tell where the sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth tombs are if someone kills Arossi the Boatman, Sir Hojji, and "Twindaggers" Pikos the three Mylgirian spies in Luxxis, Carlan Zan, and Sandy Waters respectively.

Arossi the Boatman-Arossi is the chief boatman of the docks, few know he is actually Mylgirian spy. Arossi isn't even his name, he is really a cunning changeling known as Aoro. Apeesh Okai wants him dead.

Tales from Curimdar[edit]

The Black Wheel Rogues[edit]

Hideous beasts. Mutants that's what they had become. Wolf heads, snakes for arms, forked tongues, talons, you name it. Oh, it was horrible. Who knew that the Black Wheel had that kind of evil power within it.

-As told by a soldier after the Curimdar Civil War

Zannians, People of the Wastes[edit]

Zannians were an ancient race of near-humans that once lived in what today we know as the nations of Curimdar, Mylgiria, and Zortek. They worshipped a strange god named Dementius the Wastebringer. They enjoyed destroying verdant areas and collecting vast amounts of knowledge. Some say that they were the ones that really created the Black Wheel, but as study shows, the giants known as the Frostwailers were the ones who created the wheel. Could it be that the Frostwailers were the ones that destroyed the Zannian race?

-As written in Codex of Ancient Species by Alexston Krios of Loyket

Known Zannian Words[edit]

Hello, Greetings, Welcome = Latis

Attack, Fight, War = Blosid

God, Deity, Worshipped = Kijas

Destroy, Eliminate, Kill = Doltos

Enemy, Prey, Target = Tajik

Leader, Boss, Ruler = Olios

-As written in Codex of Ancient Species by Alexston Krios of Loyket

Random Encounters[edit]

Curimdar Random Encounters
d% CR Encounter
1-10 5 5x Hyenas
11-20 10 2x Mummies
21-30 3 1x Dustblight (Sa)
31-40 8 2x Forlorn Husks (Sa)
41-50 4 4x Human Rogues 1
51-60 9 1x Saguaro Sentinel (Sa)
61-70 Var. Armand Caravan (10x Com 2, 3x War 3, 5x Exp 5)
71-80 10 2x Sanguineous Drinkers (MM5)
81-90 9 3x Half-fiend Fighters 3
91-100 0 No Encounter

Key: MM5 = Monster Manual 5 . Sa = Sandstorm

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