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Greater Deity
Symbol: A feather on top of a mountain.
Home Plane: Crivis (Material Plane)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Cricalans
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Neutral
Domains: Air,Law,Good,Sky
Favored Weapon: Talons
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Kindorsian encourages Cricalans to work as hard as possible and to follow their dreams.He despises Cricalans who become so wrapped up in their dreams that they wish to ascend to godhood and challenge Kindorsian himself.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Kindorsian's priests,the Cricalan's Skyspeakers keep large caves as shrines to the Skylord.The shrines usually have an altar lined with feathers and walls covered in cave paintings of Kindorsian's ascension into godhood.The Skyspeakers usually wear beads and other fine jewels on their robes.The robes have no sleeves so the priest can fly.

The Throne of Skies[edit]

Kindorsian holds court atop the highest peak in all of Cricala,the Throne of Skies.This snow covered peak rises above the clouds and atop it lies a ruined temple.No one knows how the temple fell into ruin ,but ancient Cricalan text speak of it as a green paradise with fountains of sparkling water and the temple itself covered in gold.When Cricalans die their spirits float up to the temple,but instead of seeing the dead ruins they see it's original verdant paradise.

Chosen Ones[edit]

Every year four chosen of Kindorsian are born.Usually it is will happen when only one egg is layed by the female.The female and her mate then make a pilgrimage with their tribe's Skyspeaker to the main shrine of Kindorsian in the base of the Throne of Skies.There the female keeps the egg until it hatches in late fall.If the female,her mate,and Skyspeaker don't reach the shrine before winter begins than the egg collapses releasing an Unchosen of Kindorsian.


Kindorsian looks like a pale white Cricalan with purple eyes.His talons and beak are golden and razor sharp.

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