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This page discusses where iconic characters from D&D fit into Crivis.



Krusk Boarsnarl[edit]

Born in the harsh orc tribe known as Boarsnarl, Krusk is brutish but smart. His intellect comes from his time at the ancient orcish shaman altar in the Moonshield mountains, there the spirits taught him. He is now a simple adventurer who spends alot of time in Loyket to meet up with other adventurers.

Gimble Gearworthy[edit]

A gnome who knows his music, Gimble was born in Lantis City to the noble Gearworthy family. He left the Industrial Wastes and set up camp in the Satyr Woodlands, there he learned how to use pipes from some friendly satyrs. He travels from tavern to tavern in many different lands and surely won't give up the chance for a good adventure.

Devis Harpsong[edit]

Devis Harpsong was always teased by the human children for being a half-elf. He decided to show them just what he could do by becoming a bard. His magical melodies were hummed everywhere in his hometown of Wood's End soon after he began his career. He opened a tavern known as Devis' Den of Delights in Wood's End after a couple of years. Chocolate, sweet elven wine, and other wonderful things are sold there.

Jozan Nalth[edit]

Born and raised in Corrington, Jozan became a cleric of Pelor early on. He left Corrington for a life as adventurer in his teenage years, he soon became a famous priest who many of Pelor's worshippers saw as the Sun God's herald. He is usually found in a chapel of Pelor giving blessings and healings, sometimes he goes out adventuring though.

Eberk Greystone[edit]

A cleric of Moradin since his early years, Eberk is one of the Hammers of Moradin and hunts down threats to the dwarvern people from orcs to fiends. He is trying to set up new dwarf settlements wherever possible to keep a closer eye on the world beyond the Dwarel Hills. He is usually fighting threats or helping in the building of new settlements for the dwarves. He is found at Irongate City when a 'Grand Council' of the Hammers of Moradin is called.

Vadania Greenleaf[edit]

A valiant defender of the woods, Vadania was abandoned by her human mother after her birth.Raised by the Dwarel Wood, Vadania is a little feral at times and has an affinity for druidic magics. She went looking for her mother when she reached adulthood and was hurt by her mother's dislike of her. She left her mother's estate in Calia and went back into the Dwarel Woods.Vadania travels now, on the search for her elf father, with his surname 'Greenleaf' to go by.

Regdar Blacksword[edit]

Raised in Loyket, Regdar is son of a noble family who after a war with a rival family fell into poverty. He grew up as a boy who had to fight to survive on the rough streets. When he was in early adolescence he left Loyket to gain money to restore his family to power. For the past ten years he has been wandering the world for gold, jewels, and anything else that will give his family their old grace and power in Loyket.

Tordek Redcliff[edit]

Raised in the city of Copperhold in the northern Dwarel Hills, Tordek Redcliff left the city for a life of adventure. He has been nearly everywhere on Krimira, logging his findings and sending the logbooks back to his colleague in Irongate City to make into books. He is usually somewhere exploring or resting in a tavern.

Ember Tigerclaw[edit]

Ember has been a monk of the Tigerclaw Order as long as she can remember. The sensei of the Order, Urikon Tigerclaw told her that she was born in Great Scrub. He also told her that the Order found her in the midst of an attack on her family's camp by the Inspired. Since then she has sworn to find her family, alive or dead, and kill the Inspired of Monolith.

Alhandra Indon[edit]

Born on her family's farm in the Dwarel Hills southern foothills, Alhandra Indon loved to play with the animals there, she left her home in her early twenties and began her training as a paladin. She started adventuring when she began training and went out getting money to help her family pay for their land. She is usually found in Loyket waiting for an adventure, or she's out on one.

Soveliss Treehelm[edit]

A master bowman from the Dwarel Wood's border with Zortek, Soveliss has fought orcs since he was very young. He learned how to kill an orc in one shot, how to hit a worg in the eye, and how to shoot the stinger off a scorpion from 10 feet away. Now he travels the world, protecting innocents and anyone who would help him.

Lidda Plainsrunner[edit]

Born in New Krimira City, Lidda grew up a thief and joined a thieves' guild early in her life. She left the thieves' guild long ago, now she travels the world, selling out her services to the highest bidder. She has a bounty on her head in New Krimira of five-hundred gold because of her days as a thief and usually travels in the old tunnels beneath the city when traveling there.

Kerwyn Stone[edit]

Kerwyn Stone was a strange child since his birth, he always seamed to disappear when trouble arose. Because of this fact of his stealth, it's no wonder he became a rogue. He joined the Blackmoon Resistance during the Zinn/Zelmoris War and saw alot of action in those two years. He still is in their employ, today. He can sometimes be found on a mission out of Zelmoris' Folly for the Resistance.

Hennet Thurkear[edit]

Born in Calia, Hennet is a sorcerer. He has dragon blood way back in his family that gave him the ability. He started his adventuring career on his eighteenth birthday and found success soon after. He has become a name known in many large and small cities across Krimira.

Aramil Berrymoon[edit]

An elf sorcerer born in Woodfury City, Aramil has risen through the ranks of the Woodfury Council. He generally doesn't take much of an active role in the politics of the high elves though. He is currently adventuring across the world, honing his sorcery.

Mialee Barkleaf[edit]

Mialee was born in Eight Tree Grove in the Dwarel Wood. She learned and is still learning from an ancient elf master wizard named Kiris Stonetree. Her wizard magics are far greater than many can imagine.


Ialdabode Kian[edit]

Born in Refuge, Ialdabode Kian is patient and calculating. His mind is his greatest weapon, it has been since he was young. He can tell when people are lying to him, seeing as he's a telepath. He was trained to tell his sensei when a hireling or consultant was lying to him. He moved to Loyket to find more work as a mind reader, sometimes he picks up shop and moves on a caravan across Krimira.

Mitra Minnian[edit]

Born in New Krimira, Mitra was trained as a shaper by a local refugee from Monolith. She loves to create Astral Constructs to fight for her and uses them when out adventuring. She still lives in New Krimira but she usually is out adventuring in some far away land.

Sandharrow the Blade[edit]

Raised as a slave to the Inspired of Monolith, Sandharrow slew dozens of his captors and escaped into Great Scrub. From Great Scrub he found his way to Refuge. In Refuge he began the career of a psychic warrior, his skills aided him in protecting Refuge from the Inspired raiders. After many years there, Sandharrow took a boat from New Krimira to Curimdar. He currently wanders between Curimdar and Mylgiria, doing tasks for anyone who needs one done.

Eulad Valborg[edit]

Eulad was born on New Krimira's cliffy coastline. She loves to ride boats and fish, she also began her adventuring life to see the world. Her desire to travel has brought her from Tiligia to Cricala, and yet still she wanders the world. She usually sits in a tavern or inn in Loyket or New Krimira City for a new journey to pass her ears.

Xerxes Saeed[edit]

Born in the xeph city of Saeed, Xerxes is a soulknife. He has fought against millions of Inspired and other evil psionic creatures. He left Refuge's safety for New Krimira City,there he plans attacks against the Quori. He sometimes leaves Hinnias to hunt down Dreaming Dark agents.


Fiendish Codex II[edit]

Tybalt the Cursed[edit]

Tybalt the Cursed is a hellbred, he rides upon his steed, Night Terror everywhere he can.He hunts down evil anywhere he can to gain heroism and escape the certain doom that awaits him. Tybalt does not like company and usually travels alone in his quest for redemption.

Trienath Salazar[edit]

Trienath is a tiefling hellbreaker, she has stolen much treasure from the devils of Baator. Zaebos, one of the Dark Eight, is one of the enemies she has gained in her life. She is on a constant run from him, he sends many orthons onto Crivis to search for her and get back his relics that she stole. She will ally with any that she think could protect her from the pit fiend.

Galena Todrick[edit]

Galena originally became a hellbred to atone for her evil, but her newfound powers and her warlock magics made her an easy target for infernal corruption. She has once again become a thrall of evil, a servant of Mephistopheles. She hunts down his enemies with her hellfire to eliminate their threat to the Duke of Cania and his minions.

Camren Lightbringer[edit]

Camren is an aasimar monk. She fights with devil worshippers and their infernal masters to protect the innocent. It is said she saved a small village from a cabal of the infernal cutists, rising to the status of a folk hero. She is suspicious of everyone and holds everyone in her mercy, until she has proof they are evil worshippers of the baatezu.

Halagrad Doomhammer[edit]

Halagrad was once a normal cleric of Moradin, but when a fiend seduced his brother, Halagrad set out to slay devils and their cults wherever they may be. He is determined to free his brother's soul and save other souls from corruption by the fiends of the Lower Planes. He is a soulguard and does his job well.


Ballarak Shardcraver[edit]

A master of cold psionic energy, Ballarak is on a mission to find his sister, who was kidnapped by frost giants. He is apt to shoot first and ask questions later now after a year of trudging through Tiligia. He knows she is still alive due to divinations he has been given and will not give up till she is free and her giant captors are all dead. He will likely ally with someone on a mission against frost giants.

Naush,Disciple of Thrym[edit]

Naush is obsessed with the end of the world. He often sends kidnappers to barbarian villages to capture seers for him to imprison. He tortures the seers until they show him the frozen future of Crivis he wants. Then he kills the foolish seer.

Kurnayata Wildflower[edit]

Kurnayata grew up in the wild elf tribes of Mezra, her love of cold magic led to her exile from her tribe to the far northern island of Tiligia. There she is building a frozen castle to rule the icey wastes. Her ice magic works best when it is below 40 degrees, but she thinks it better when it's below -20 degrees.

Korrek Neversleep[edit]

Born and raised in Icegate Port, Korrek is a half-orc and a mercenary. Over the year's he has been a bodyguard for a frost mage, lead the orc tribes of Tiligia, and even raided human villages with frost giants. He loves jobs that let him be a one-man wrecking crew, destroying everything in his path.

Tharakus Snowcleft[edit]

A Knight of the Iron Glacier, Tharakus Snowcleft has lived in the Icelands since his early childhood, when the Knights saved his village from ice goblins. He rides his war megaloceros called Toecleft across the cold plains searching for evil, sometimes chasing evil into warmer climes.


One of the most powerful rimefire witches in the world, Skycornice travels between Icegate Port and other smaller towns and villages. In every town she searches for cults of Iborighu to break up. She is a devout follower of Hleid and hates all creatures alinged with the Frozen King or his followers.

Chesko Vaul[edit]

Chesko Vaul has been obsessed with Iborighu since he found a reference to him in an ancient religious text he studied as a youth. He is one of Iborighu's most powerful earthly servants and makes many small cults to the Frozen King where he travels in the Icelands and Tiligia. He can summon entombed and cares little for mortal companions.

Magic of Incarnum[edit]

Zenya, the Liberator[edit]

Zenya is a young soulborn who has liberated many slaves from Curimdar, Monolith, and other slaving peoples, hence her name 'The Liberator'. She is an azurin as well, making her greatly attuned to incarnum and so Zenya lives in Rockmaw with the gnome settlers. She has made friends with wemics, dusklings, and even wood elves.

Igalla Pallasi[edit]

A necrocarnate, Igalla Pallasi lives as ruler of one of the goblinoid mini-empires of the Cricalan Desert. She has girallon, goblin, and bugbear necrocarnum zombies to enforce her rule across her land.She hates Cricalans and loves to slaughter whole nest-cities of them.

Sister Tara[edit]

A sapphire hierarch from the Temple of the Sapphire Eidolon in the mountains of Refuge, Sister Tara is like any other of her order. She hunts the chaotic creatures of the planes, from demons to slaadi. She loves to hunt slaadi prey more than any other.

Races of the Wild[edit]

Edrec Moonshadow[edit]

The arcane hierophant, Edrec Moonshadow sees humans as the most dangerous plague ever to blight his forest in Corr. He despises the nearby woodcuters, farmers, and guardsmen of the vile human nation around his forest. He has even gone as far as to ally with the green dragon, Yeshelvarra to destroy the humans who plague his beloved woodland home.

Races of the Dragon[edit]

Grug ux Bahamuti Tibur Grug[edit]

Born in a primtive tribe of humans in Zortek, Grug wasn't the smartest one around. When he began adventuring, he met up with the half-orc Krusk Boarsnarl. He traveled with the half-orc for some time, until he met Vythjhank. Misidentifying her as a huge kobold, Grug did what he did best. After the misunderstanding was done, they talked and Grug asked how she had become such. Not many days later, Grug was a dragonborn.

Vythjhank ux Maekrix Tibur Gunnloda[edit]

Gunnloda Holderhek was born and raised in North Quarry in the Dwarel Hills. She grew up without ever thinking of being anything other than what she was, a dwarf. After she heard that her brother had run afoul with a fang dragon, Gunnloda heard the call of Bahumat. Suddenly she knew what her purpose in life was, to become a dragonborn and slay the spawn of evil dragonkind.

Libris Mortis[edit]

Larrak Blackfist[edit]

Raised in the brutal Blackfist Clan of eastern Zortek, Larrak has always held extreme views on life and death even compared to his brutal orc father. After a short career as an adventurer, Larrak betrayed his companions in a lich's stronghold in Mornia and swore fealty to the powerful undead wizard.

Kaetta Bale[edit]

Kaetta was raised in Timber Town and joined the Ring of Neverending Life when she was old enough. She became a master of shrouds after the Zinn/Zelmoris War's bloody end and began commanding shadows and wraiths for her superior, Alizzar Noth, head priest of Nerull in the Ring and lieutenant of Puripo Mindare.


Lalrunn has been dead so long, he can't remember his corporeal existence or his full name. He is a paragon of incorporealness and slays anything that still lives in his crypt.

The Balcress Horror[edit]

Long ago, the small village of Balcress on Zelmoris' Folly's Mornian border was haunted by a merciless killer. The village now lies abandoned, but the killer still remains, a mohrg of terrible evil.

Tevangia Zail[edit]

An ancient creature of dire evil, Tevangia was once a half-elf who sold her magic services to kings and emperors. In her current form as a lich, Tevangia is even more dangerous than before and still sells out her services. She might be even more powerful than Zinn Keenblade.

Book of Vile Darkness[edit]

Kezzerug of the Io-Rach[edit]

A sick warlord who rules the Io-Rach tribe of goblins, Kezzerug lives in the Cricalan Desert as one of the emperors of the goblinoid mini-empires. His warriors are enhanced with alchemical mixtures to become stronger, but dumber. His adepts and their guardsmen go out on forays into the barren landscape to find ingredients for the mixtures including such things as human brains and blood.

Erath the Servant[edit]

Erath is a priestess of Demogorgon who serves her lord with her small cult of worshippers withn Zinnmoor. She harbors a hidden library of demonic lore and forbidden secrets within her cult's hidden base. Her main goal is to increase the size of the library in the Prince of Demon's name.

Lords of Madness[edit]

Erkin Tiorki[edit]

Born in the hustle and bustle of the Tinker's Factory in Lantis City, Erkin Tiorki is a master engineer and wizard who studies the numerous aberrations of the Underdark. He has grafted many strange and exotic aberration parts to his small, frail form. He loves to pass the "benefits" of his studies on to willing participants in his grafting project.

Champions of Ruin[edit]

Shuk-Ta Bloodmoon[edit]

A brute of the half-orc Black Blood Cult he inhabits, Shuk-Ta and his pet tiger, Unt are the cultists' main hunters. He was separated from the pack in the Hirapatesh Jungle while raiding a wild elf village and is taking out his anger on the local Morkani humans.

Atchoch't the Exiled One[edit]

An exile from his tribe, Atchoch't is a wild elf druid who hates humans and slays them on sight, especially when they chop down his trees for their war machines to use against the yuan-ti. Because of his hatred he joined the outcast organization known as the Elven Justices, warriors who guard elves and their domains from human encroachment. Saess'rr, his viper companion is his guardian and will gladly die so that Atchoch't could escape to fight again.

Complete Psionic[edit]

Jaed Catt[edit]

Jaed Catt was raised in the Trader's District of Loyket. Now, as an ebon saint, he preys on larger merchants and crime bosses who prey on smaller merchants and shop owners. He is a notorius advocate for fair trade and hates smugglers and thieves, waiting in the shadows to strike.

Zeth'Rin the Black[edit]

Fasinated with illithids within her home in Refuge, Zeth'Rin had no idea that she was a descendant of the aberrations she had studied until she discovered an ancient text in her family's wealth that says that one of her ancestors was a mind flayer. She has taken full advantage of her heritage and now hungers for the brains of sentient creatures.

Heroes of Horror[edit]

Shovan the Marked[edit]

The sole surviving halfling of a rare drow raid on the surface. Shovan's tribe was slaughtered and his village destroyed. He was horribly burned in the attack and wears the scares of that battle proudly. Now he stalks Golumus, hunting the drow who murdered his people and ready to perform justice upon them.

Kejira DeGannevar[edit]

Once a noble and famed paladin, Kejira's luck turned when her adventuring companions(including her husband)were slain by githyanki raiders on the Astral Plane. Now she seeks vengeance and wants to overthrow the vile lich-queen of the githyanki herself. She would gladly join any out to kill githyanki.

Erland Buckley[edit]

Erland is a member of the 'Covenant of the Hallowed Doctrine'. He is currently investigating a Vir/Tog borderlands city, after the Covenant got wind of several of the city's councilors being corrupted by taint. The corrupt councilors have declared him a criminal and have sent out the city guardsmen after him.

Exemplars of Evil[edit]

Zargath Human-Bane[edit]

Zargath was one of the first orcs to be born in the new tribes that were established on Hinnias. Zargath was frail and weak however and was abandoned soon after. Luck (of a sort) was with him however that night, his village was burned down by mercenaries from New Krimira. Zargath was found by a human named Darved Locathen, the head of the Gray Knives in New Krimira. Darved took in the orc as a servant at the Gray Knives front, the Grinning Fool, a tavern. Zargath learned the craft of the rogue from observing his "father" and the other Gray Knives and learned how to hate from his years of being laughed at and beaten by the patrons of the tavern. When Gurn Sirensong, a twisted gnome illusionist became second-in-command of the Gray Knives, Zargath offered to poison Darved and his lieutenants if Gurn and his trusted men would purge his ranks of anyone loyal to his "father". In return, Zargath only wanted to burn the tavern and secure a pledge of friendship with the new head of the Gray Knives.Gurn accepted, when Zargath left to the orcish lands he found weak tribes, Zargath slayed the warlords of these groups and united them into his army, the Black Wolves. Now he wishes to destroy humanity and their allies and make orcs the dominate species.

War Leader Grikfell[edit]

Grikfell was taught the tricks of the Gray Knives by Zargath and was installed as war leader of the Black Wolves soon after. Grikfell is extremely loyal to Zargath and wishes to make the dream of an orcish empire across Crivis a reality.

Gurn Sirensong[edit]

Gurn Sirensong is a mercenary who believes that the world owes him and that everything is there for his amusement. Gurn sells Zargath hundreds of weapons and captives as thanks for bringing him to the top of the Gray Knives hierarchy.

Magistrate Borak[edit]

The orc captain who rules the Arena of Justice in Zar'Fell, a ruined manor house in New Krimira that became the capital of the Black Wolves. Borak allows battles to be taken between two or more orcs in a trial of combat. He is assisted by several gnoll mercenaries.


A dwarf who was brainwashed by Zargath and Gurn to believe he is an orc. He guards the servants working in Zar'Fell's library with several real orcs.

Edgar Tolstoff[edit]

The brother of Katarin Tolstoff, Edgar is covered in wounds leaking watery pus, swollen growths cover his body. A massive tumor grows on his chest, horrific utterances coming from it. He is fond of insects and worms and has them on display on the second floor of his family's destroyed estate near Mornia in the southern Dwarel Hills.

Katarin Tolstoff[edit]

The sister of Edgar Tolstoff, Katarin is the exact opposite of her brother. She is stunningly beautiful and is good in magic. She operates out of Loyket, close to her family's old estate.

Draen Ralgael[edit]

A whisper gnome wererat and the Tolstoff's most powerful and useful servant, Draen Ralgael is insane and a cannibal as well. Draen used to be a hero of the whisper gnomes until his life was shattered by a great army of Nerull that was destroyed a week later.

Captain Gnash[edit]

Gnash serves the Eater of Worlds, Shothotugg. His ship, the Much Kill is feared by coastal towns across the Blue Divide. His goblinoid crew is known for it's mercilessness. Captain Gnash wants only the arrival of his master on Crivis.

Fecar the Unclean[edit]

First mate of Gnash's pirates, Fecar the Unclean is very loyal to his captain. Fecar leads special goblinoid teams into towns the Much Kill to steal food, weapons, and other equipment as well as look for clues back to the city that Gnash started worshiping Shothotugg in to find out something their captain missed.

Pog the Navigator[edit]

Navigator of Gnash's pirates, Pog was petrified on a tiny island in the Blue Divide near Zil'Quorsil. Gnash found him, believing it to be a statue, Gnash finally realized it was a petrified being and hired a wizard to break the enchantment in a small port town in New Krimira.


Second mate of Gnash's pirates, Crunglutch is a pseudonatural creature and is, according to Gnash, blessed with the Eater of Worlds power. He is the strongest crewmember to have pseudonatural abilities.

Emmara Ishandrenn[edit]

Once a potent force of good, Emmara Ishandrenn was employed by the then field-marshal Isildor to find and destroy Raestarann, a powerful lich. Her party went found the lich's castle within Mornia but she was captured, tortured, and cursed by the lich. Now she is evil, seeking revenge. She slowly weakened the lich that enslaved her and then escaped his hold when he was killed by adventurers. With the wealth that Raestarann had collected she headed to Soth Tarnel, the isolated tomb of a long-forgotten hero cut into the Pillar of Alonn, a huge pillar of stone near Loyket's main harbor.


The erinyes known as Farror was once a spy for Raestarann, being his eyes and ears in Loyket. He now works for Emmara because their alliance allows him two of his greatest passions-pleasures of the flesh and violence.


A powerful minotaur priest dedicated to Erythnul, Jebrix is a being without morals or conscience. As the champion of Emmara, he revels in the death and suffering he wreaks in her name. He leads a small band of berserkers who act as Emmara's personal guard.

Valbryn Morlydd[edit]

Having assassinated the incompetent king of fire giants, Balthar, his queen Valbryn is highly intelligent and now ruler of the fire giants from Gilgirn. Gilgirn is situated in the shadow of Mount Kominquom in Mezra's Hirapatesh Jungle. Valbryn wants to expand the realm of the fire giants into the Empire of Morkhan and even farther, towards Krimira.

Thaden Felstorm[edit]

A captured giantslayer from Tovred's Landing, Thaden Felstorm soon became the most trusted advisor of the fire giant queen herself. Thaden is a prodigy of strength and even teaches young giants how to protect themselves from giantslayers like him.

Helthra Morlydd[edit]

Helthra is the princess of the fire giants, but that didn't stop her from becoming a warrior like most of her kin. She is very devoted to her kingdom and wishes to expand it to encompass the whole world.

Wizards of the Coast Website[edit]

D&D Fight Club[edit]

Kalaboah the Fiend-ogre[edit]

Kalaboah is terrifying. He has black skin and huge bat-like wings. Though he is an ogre, Kalaboah is also a half-fiend and he speaks against the will of the all powerful ogre magi. The ogre magi and Kalaboah fight against each other, Kalaboah is gathering an army of ogres and other giant-kin to destroy the magi and rest control of the ogre tribes into his hands. He gets his profits from raiding the caravans of the Mylgirians.


He finds his own people, the lizardfolk to primitive for him and left his tribe and traveled into the nearby swamp. His swamp lies on Darktail Isle, he constantly attacks his tribe, dark naga, and the nearby human port city of Darkwater Gate.


A god to other ettins, Gorg is smarter than most of his kin. One of his heads wields a massive club in it's hand and the other head controls numerous sorcerer's magics in it's hand. He has a high-ranking position among other ettins. He travels the Dwarel Hills in search of ettins to gather for a raid upon a dwarf settlement.


Eludecia was once like any other succubus, tempting mortals to acts of evil. One day she felt something she had never felt before, love. This love was towards an angel, she begged him to help her redeem herself, the angel was indeed attracted to the succubus and knew redeeming a demon would raise his status in the angelic hierarchy. Eludecia is now a paladin, she knows she cannot purge the evil within her and fights it every day.

Glythanna Darktree[edit]

Glythanna has never been a normal high elf, even in her childhood she was nasty and reclusive towards the other children. The more she became an outcast, the more she came to feel a kinship with her people's mortal enemies, the drow. When she became an adult she was sure she had been born in the wrong body and was meant to be a drow, and so she traveled into Golumus. She was allowed by Lolth's clergy to take the Spider Queen's Tests. Lolth didn't want single converts though and turned Glythanna into a drider. She still serves Lolth as a drider, even though Lolth was the one who tortured Glythanna into her current form.

Reis "Fetterer" Uleka[edit]

A renowned bounty hunter, Reis' father was a bounty hunter as well. Reis' father was slain while taking in a cabal of renegade wizards and since then, Reis has hated all spellcasters. He wears his father's armor, it projects a fearsome appearance and grants him it's arsenal of weapons and powers. He is currently working for the Mylgirian Merchant-Prince known as Jabian the Black.

Nadeza Jilek[edit]

Once a scout for her tribe of orc-werewolves in Zortek's eastern mountains, Nadeza was out hunting when her entire tribe was slaughtered by traveling lycanthrope hunters. She came back to a burnt village and charred bodies. She traveled Zortek for a while before coming into the ranks of Gruumsh's clergy. After many years as a pious templar of Gruumsh wanderlust struck her and she set out. When she entered the Dwarel Woods she was attacked by elves, a kindly druid found her and took her back to his grove. Not long after a vampire attacked both of them and the druid died, Nadeza now a werewolf-vampire travels Zortek, gathering orcs and turning them into her own tribe of werewolf-vampires to rule.

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