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Welcome, young in'. If you got some jingle in yer pocket then come into Mylgiria, land of merchants.

Cities of Mylgiria[edit]


This city is home to the palace of the grand sultan of Mylgiria, Pishu Kii. Merchants sell their wares here, hoping to gain the merchant-princes' favor.

Important People of Kii-Anq[edit]

Grand Sultan Pishu Kii-The grand sultan of Mylgiria, Pishu Kii rules Mylgiria's numerous merchant-princes. He holds authority as true lord of Mylgiria. He doesn't like most of the greedy merchant-princes and their treacherous ways.

Captain Loros Blagran-Head of the city guard, Loros Blagran is scarred from his many forays into the desert against the ogre magi's hordes. He hates ogres and their ilk, from half-ogres to ogre magi, Loros hates them all.

Seasword Resort[edit]

Along the southern coast of Mylgiria is the greatest of all the resorts of the nation, Seasword Resort. It's silver beaches give way to cool waters.

Important People of Seasword Resort[edit]

Papa Mashu-Papa Mashu, known as 'Grandpa' by the resort's workers, is the proprietor of the Seasword Resort. He is said to be a retired swordmaster who saved the Resort from an ogre raid.


Fori-Anq lies at the border of the Mylgirian side of the Aazban Marsh. It is home to the merchant-prince known as Kiros Fori. Kiros is a tactical lord who has control of more than twenty of the theif groups across the city.

Important People of Fori-Anq[edit]

Kiros Fori-Kiros is a merchant-prince of some renown who rules at least twenty thief groups across the city through his advisors. His advisors pose as the disposed leaders of the groups to rule his city from within the shadows.


Jabian-Anq lies within a mile of the Flame Wastes. Jabian the Black is the resident merchant-prince here. He has a bounty hunter known as Reis "Fetterer" Uleka as his second-in-command.

Important People in Jabian-Anq[edit]

Jabian the Black-The vile merchant-prince named Jabian is very fat and sits around all day in his meeting chamber. Many bounty hunters are part of his "Blackheart Guild of Bounty Hunting".

Reis "Fetterer" Uleka-A renowned bounty hunter who brings his prey back alive to Jabian. He hates spellcasters.

Tales from Mylgiria[edit]

The Contraband Road[edit]

Said to be a secret tunnel system running beneath Mylgiria, Curimdar, the Flame Wastes, and Zortek, the Contraband Road is a legend. It is said that millions of thieves and smugglers used the tunnels to carry contraband without being harassed by local officials and guardsmen. The road was discovered by a lord-mayor of Loyket and it was ordered to be sealed forever. The merchant-princes of Mylgiria and many other people on Krimira wish to find this road to smuggle stolen goods, have safe passage under the most dangerous lands of the continent, and to hide from the law. Should the Contraband Road ever be found, the consequences would likely be bad. If the road was ever found, thieves and smugglers would be more numerous than ever before.

-As written in the Law Triumphant by Toran Garp of Corr

Of Ash and Stone[edit]

Oh the great ash giants they ruled, across the sands of gold.

None ever thought that their empire would go cold.

Even then the ogres, slaves to the giants,

Rose up and slaughtered the gargantuan tyrants.

Now they weep for the loss of their souls. The ash giants are dead the death giants born.

Will the ogres kill their old masters, blaring their horns?

Or will they leave them alone forever more?

-Poem by Unknown

War of the Cutlass[edit]

And so on the sixth day of the sixth month, the pirates began their war. They fought and fought but on the ninth day they fell before the mighty ships of the merchant-princes, enemies of the seafaring thieves. So the War of the Cutlass ended in a flash and no more do pirates stalk Mylgiria's vast coast.

-Excerpt from Pirates,Corsairs, and Privateers by Orik Keelworthy, Pirate Captain

Random Encounters[edit]

Mylgiria Random Encounters
d% CR Encounter
1-10 6 2x Ogres
11-20 3 3x Human Rogues 1
21-30 14 2x Ogres and 1x Ogre Mage
31-40 Var. Traveler (Any Gender, Race, and Class)
41-50 5 1x Half-orc Fighter 5
51-60 16 1x Death Giant (MM3)
61-70 5 2x Human Rogues 1 and 1x Halfling Rogue 3
71-80 4 1x Forlorn Husk (Sa)
81-90 3 3x Hyenas
91-100 9 3x Ankhegs

Key:MM3 = Monster Manual 3 . Sa = Sandstorm

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