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Symbol: A crescent moon
Home Plane: The Pale Planet (Crivis' Moon)
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Moon, Stars, Night Sky
Clergy Alignments: Neutral (Good/Evil)
Domains: Air, Moon, Sky
Favored Weapon: Longsword
A simple depiction of Alinia's holy symbol.

Alinia was unique among the people of Falland, she always went into the mountains to watch the night sky. She grew up and was gifted with unmatched knowledge of the night sky. She gained a gift from a meteorite that hit the mountains near her home, a moonstone. The moonstone gave her the ability to fly to the moon and survive. And so she rose to demigodhood and began living in the lush caverns of the Pale Planet.


Alinia disapproves of chaos and law. Both are essential for the night's survival, but are not as important as the docile nature of the moon.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clerics of Alinia wear loose black robes that are lined in silver. They wear crescent moon shaped necklaces. Temples of Alinia are usually atop mountains or hills with good views of the sky at night.


Alinia looks like a pale young woman with her eyes closed as if sleeping. She wears a loose black dress and no shoes. Her hair is long and black, she also wears the moonstone she found around her neck on a chain.

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