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The land of ash is before you, enter if you dare.

History of the Wastes[edit]

Thousands of years ago, the Flame Wastes was just another valley in the Dwarel Woods. Many elves lived in the valley before the free salamanders of the Plane of Fire banished the efreet empire to it. The vast meteor they arrived on Crivis in crashed into the woods and killed every creature there except the most resilient. And since, the efreet's emperor, Zirrbag has ruled.

Cities of the Flame Wastes[edit]

Firetree Post[edit]

The town known as Firetree Post was set up by druids who wished to grow back the forests of Dwarel. They fight the fiery beasts of the inner wastes.

Important People of Firetree Post[edit]

Hinden Ravenclaw-The head of the outpost, Hinden Ravenclaw is the half-brother of Galina Ravenclaw. He is a druid of great power.

Galina Ravenclaw-Hinden's half-sister, Galina Ravenclaw is the second-in-command of the outpost. She is a half-elf, half-efreeti who is used as a spy for the druids of the outpost.

Gurdan Brokenspine-The grandson of Hecules Brokenspine, one of the heroes who killed Solburion a century ago, Gurdan wants someone to bring him Hecules bones as proof of his heroic heritage.

Azer Run[edit]

The fortress known as Azer Run is home to the azer rebels of the Wastes. The place is large and mostly built beneath the western mountains of the crater. Thane Flareos Ashmane rules the azers.

Important People of Azer Run[edit]

Thane Flareos Ashmane-Ruler of the azer people, the thane was a slave along with most of his fellow people. His small army of rebels makes constant raids on the efreet and they forever look for a way back to their homeland.

Solburis Fort[edit]

This fortified village lies in the central caldera of the Wastes and is circled by lava and obsidian ruins on every side. The former ruler of the village, Solburion was said to have died long ago when a group of adventurers traveled into his laboratory beneath the village and slew him, but died themselves. The village is now untamed and full of Solburion's vile creations.

Important People of Solburis Fort[edit]

Solburion the Flesh-crafter-None know that deep beneath the village a century ago that Solburion didn't die at the hands of the adventurers, instead he killed them and reanimated their corpses, he grafted strange pieces of aberrations, giants, and all sorts of odd creatures to their mangled bodies and now they serve as his bodyguards.

Hecules Brokenspine-The huge half-orc who traveled into the depths of the village a century ago, named Hecules was the first to fall before Solburion. He has the arms of a hill giant in place of his own and he drags them behind him, a huge club in his left hand. His grandson, Gurdan Brokenspine in Firetree Post wishes to have his grandfather's bones (and anything else that remains of him) as proof of his heroic heritage.

Molosi Kindar-The ancient wizard who traveled into the depths of the village a century ago, named Molosi was the last to fall at Solburion's hand. His skull has been popped open and his brain attached to tubes full of intellect enhancers. The black fluid makes his brain pulse with magical energies. He has been given a mask that is fused to his face.

Paula Pikemouth-The master fisher and archer of her village, Paula traveled with Hecules and Molosi into the depths of Solburion's lab and she fell in her defense of Molosi from a fatal spell by Solburion. The spell that hit her mangled her face and her features are now twisted with burns and gashes. She has been fitted with flippers in place of her feet and has been grafted with a bow in such a way as to make her entire left arm into the bow. She is now a relentless swimming archer.

Wilting Moon Village[edit]

Once known as Rising Moon Village, Wilting Moon Village is a shell of it's former self. It survived the impact of the meteor and the woods it sat in still remain to this day. The village is barely supported by the trees since the death of every villager. Solburion's army of foul beasts now rule the village. Many creatures such as roach thralls, changelings, and devils use humanoid disguises to lure travelers to their doom.

Important People of Wilting Moon Village[edit]

Mayor Hodge IV-Mayor Hodge died along with the town ages ago, a changeling by the name of Karo now takes his place. Karo plays his role for as long as possible and then kills the travelers when they least expect it.

Tales from the Flame Wastes[edit]

The Heroes Three[edit]

Three heroes arrived that day. One was a huge half-orc, one was an ancient wizard, and the last was master archer. These heroes went to the Skin-changer's lair and killed him at the cost of their own lives. They were never heard from again and soon after the Skin-changer's creations broke free of their bonds and ravaged the land. Only the Firelord could hope to stop the evil tide that came that day so many decades ago.

-As written in 'The Tales of the Black Bard' by Kilas Kent, the Black Bard

The Flames of War[edit]

Azers, efreet, flamekin, salamanders, and so many other creatures of elemental flame fight on the plains of the Flame Wastes. Fiery death awaits all who enter into battle against the war's combatants. And so along the scorched fields of obsidian the war still rages on from dawn to dusk, day to day, year to year.

-As written in 'Planar Wars' by Sir Cedric Gulliver

Solbur-craft Golem Recipe[edit]

  • 3 Illithid Brains
  • 10 Grell Tentacles
  • 1 Beholder Eye

The page ends abruptly as if someone had ripped it in half and I cannot find any more on these Solbur-Craft Golems. Wait what was that? I'm going to check, if I don't return than use the information in my journal to help you survive this maze.

-As written in a journal found on the fifth sub-floor of Solburis Fort

Random Encounters[edit]

The Flame Wastes Random Encounters
d% CR Encounter
1-10 4 2x Azer Fighters 2
11-20 3 3x Lemures
21-30 6 2x Hell Hounds
31-40 6 1x Salamander
41-50 8 1x Inferno Spider (MM4)
51-60 4 1x Magmacore Golem (MM5)
61-70 2 2x Homonculi
71-80 6 3x Thoqquas
81-90 1 1x Azer Fighter 1
91-100 6 1x Wyvern

Key: MM4 = Monster Manual 4 . MM5 = Monster Manual 5

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