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Greater Deity
Symbol: A Dragon Skull Drenched in blood with a snake slithering through its right eye
Home Plane: All of Thantos after killing Orcus and Doresain and seizing control over everything they once ruled over as well as Graziat's layer of the abyss. And a realm of his own creation The Realm of Eternal Undeath.
Alignment: Chaotic Natural
Portfolio: Death, Undeath, Vampires, Necromancy, Ghouls, Tyrents Bane, Despots Bane, Silver-Tounged, Dragon Slaying, Demons, war, Fire
Clergy Alignments: Any chaotic
Domains: War, Death, Fire, Undeath, Hunger, Necromancy
Favored Weapon: Di-Katanas known as Malice & Pain. Agony & Strife

Draike appears as a pale Seductive Irresistible Handsome Muscular Vampire With long jet black hair. The whites of his eyes are black and the pupils are white.His Armor is Jet black Plate Cuirass with crimson lining,Jet black Greaves with crimson lining with a white blood drenched Dragon skull on each knee,Jet black Boots with crimson lining and spikes near the bottom,Jet black Gauntlets with crimson lining and sharpened claws,A ashen colored Scaled Fauld and a jet black tattered cloak with crimson lining.Always carrying two katanas with jet black blades and hilts with demonic writing on the hilt and sheath.


Draike tells his followers to Spread undeath,Create more followers by convincing them to give their soul to Draike,To kill any dragon seen and bring their skull to his shrine as tribute and to have as It is however frowned upon to kill dragons without trying to convince them to becoming a loyal dragon servant of Draike and not trying to find another way to resolve a problem without fighting.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Followers of Draike are often Intelligent undead beings or mortal beings in search for power. As for Clerics of Draike they are almost always a lich or Vampire Lord There are 13 known temples of Draike but there are Billons unknown they are secret and well hidden.The groups in these area have one high priest only this high priest can allow a member to reveal the location of the temple to others who openly worship Draike.


In Oerth Draike is known as the God of Undeath and is feared by those with a Dragonic bloodline for having the ability to instantly killing any Dragon and any Dragonic bloodlined creature such as Dragonborn,Kobald ect.


Draike wants to kill and destroy Asmodues to take control of the Nine Hell's.He strongly dislikes Pelor and wants to kill him due to the fact of sunlight it doesn't kill Draike to be in sunlight but it makes him blinded until back in a normal lighted area or darker.


Kira,Vecna,Queen of Air And Darkness,Bel,Boccob,Iuo,Demegorgon and Obadihi


Draike before ascending to godhood was a Demi god Vampire with a Daemon bloodline that was able to exist in sunlight however was blind while in it he gathered servants of all kinds eventually he had an army containing wolves, Medusa's,Owl Bears,Dire Rats,Greater Helmed Horrors,Vampire Spawn,Dracolichs and various other creatures. He came across a Cult of Orcus that was trying to summon their "Demon God" and Draike killed them all but their plan had worked so Draike Approached Orcus and said "Join Me or Die The choice is yours" and Orcus merely laughed and attacked Draike easily killed Orcus due to the fact almost all of Orcus's attacks did not effect Draike after Orcus was killed Draike claimed his Throne and took over Thantos. Later He created his own Realm called the Realm of Eternal Undeath and rose to Greater Deity.

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