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Greater Deity
Symbol: Dragon's Eye
Home Plane: Celestia
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Magic, Healing, Metallic Dragons, Good Draconic Spellcasters, Redeemed Chromatic Dragons
Clergy Alignments: LG,NG,CG,LN,N,CN
Domains: Magic, Healing, Good
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
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Xymor is one-half of the Draconic deity Bahamut, along with Marduk. He represents the arcane nature of dragons, but sees this nature as being Io's prerogative to aid others. Of all the good Draconic deities, he is the most likely to forgive Chromatics of their past sins. he is also considered to be the "Bridge" between the Draconic and Elven pantheons. His aliases include "The Righteous Warmage" and "The Forgiving Master." His worshipers include good-aligned Mages, Healers, and Dragons. Chromatic Dragons seeking his forgiveness make up a substantial minority of his worshipers. In physical form, he appears as a Silver Dragon of immense age and power. More so than Marduk, he enjoys traveling the world, often in the guise of a silver-bearded wizard. He quests through the planes seeking to end suffering amongst the good and the evil who repent, but is determined to confine those who do not to Tarterus for eternity. His antithesis is Idraska, the evil Chromatic Dragon deity of oppression and control, who is herself one-half of the deity Tiamat. It is said that at the beginning of the elvish empire of Celenduil, he bestowed the Dragonmarks upon seven great elves and their descendants as a gift to Corellon's children.


Xymor encourages his followers to travel the world as he does, hoping and helping to alleviate suffering. His Dogma can be simplified to four teachings:

1. Search out those who are suffering, and do all that is in your power to aid them. Attempt in all situations to never end a life.

2. Remember that your duty is to your family and friends. Do not hesitate to go out of your way to help them.

3. Offer Chromatic Dragons a chance to repent and return to good.

4. Master the arts of healing and magic.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Xymor, being one-half of the deity Bahamut, considers Bahamut's temples and clergy to be his temples and clergy. Priests of Bahamut more affiliated with Xymor wear silver robes with dragon scales embroidered with pale thread. They usually carry quarterstaffs made from silver-plated steel. They are usually neutral good. Many of Xymor's clerics learn some arcane secrets, often those associated with healing. Paladins, Clerics, and other members of the priesthood of Xymor quest throughout the world, following their Deity's example to aid those in need.

Temples devoted to Xymor, and the sections of temples of Bahamut that honor him, are open air pavilions supported by silvered pillars. Small shrines to him are relatively common in small villages, and usually stay at that level. Xymor, being a wandering Deity of good hope to those who lead hard lives, is naturally suited to the dangerous livings of folk in such villages. As settlements grow larger, the original shrine to Xymor is surpassed in importance by Marduk, and his shrines often become a part of Marduk's fortress-temples.

Orders: the most prevalent society devoted to Xymor is the Order of Arcane Aid, founded by the Dragonborn Bard Xenaldor, is a group of spellcasters, primarily bards, dedicated to his ideal of helping others less well off then yourself. They have no set uniform, but can readily be identified by their symbol of a leaf with an eye in the center, always displayed somewhere on a member's clothing. They wander across the world, helping all they can. Most members of the Order are skilled healers. They are not officially associated with Bahamut's church, but work closely with his clergy.


Xymor is a member of the Draconic Pantheon of Thrandon, and is considered one of that pantheon's deities of magic (The other is Idraska). He often wanders the planes, rarely attending meetings of the Draconic court. When he does, it is usually in times of great crisis when his abilities will be needed if the world is to survive.

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